Google Updates and How They Will Affect You

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Google Best Practices Page For Embedded Videos Updated

Google updated its Google Search Central Video Best Practices help page to add a further recommendation so one can help Google locate and index video content...

YouTube Keyword Research Made Easier With Search (understandings of deep things)

YouTube launches a brand new (typical and expected) design to simplify the keyword studies process so that you can create more excellent content around topics...

Shopify & Fast Simon: An Ecommerce search engine optimization Case Study

It’s no question that Shopify has been growing in (quality of being liked a lot or done a lot) over the years. We’ve been because more (services...

7 Local SEO Updates That Will Impact Your 2022 Planning

It’s been a quick-paced 12 months with masses of digital advertising and marketing trends, and nearby search engine marketing became no exception. As...