2019 Content Marketing Strategy: Here Are five Content Marketing Trends That You Can’t Ignore This Year

Technology is evolving at a completely rapid fee. As entrepreneurs or enterprise owners, this means that you constantly want to be aware of the modern-day modifications, tendencies and be prepared for trade at any minute. And it’s no longer just generation that maintains converting, but so do your target audience’s alternatives.

When it involves content advertising, it’s critical to live on pinnacle of these items in case you’re going to make an actual effect along with your content and get results.

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So what ought to your 2019 content advertising and marketing strategy appear to be?

Here are five content advertising tendencies that you genuinely can’t ignore this yr.
Content marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI is already heavily impacting content marketing and maximum likely, Artificial Intelligence will alternate content material marketing in massive approaches over the next few years.

A lot of effective AI era already exists; however, it’s no longer exceptionally accessibly. As this changes over the path of those following few years, that’s whilst we’ll clearly see the effect of Artificial Intelligence on content marketing.

One of the largest methods that AI will affect content advertising has to do with analytics and device mastering. Artificial Intelligence can gather and interpret massive quantities of data, amounts that might take months of work from dozens of human beings, whilst AI can manage it in seconds.

So, what does this imply, particularly, for content marketing?

For one issue, it will permit marketers to construct higher content material advertising techniques. The greater information you have approximately your target audience and their hobbies and preferences, the less complicated it is going to be to create and deliver the sorts of content material that they truly need to look.

What’s greater, with all of this statistics you could additionally construct effective, rather targeted audience segments; this in flip will help you create genuinely personalised content for every of your target audience segments: personalised based on their persona traits, their purchasing behaviour, their pastimes, their place and their needs, amongst different factors.
A real want for a real content material approach

So you have an editorial calendar; however, do you have a real method in the back of your content material advertising efforts?

Surprisingly, as many as sixty three% of agencies don’t have an actual content approach – however, whilst that’s terrible information for them, it can be excellent news for you if you begin developing a content material advertising approach that aligns together with your business desires.

That said, it’s important to remember that a content material approach is not just an editorial calendar that you plan some weeks or a month earlier. Rather, it’s a documented strategy that entails:

Setting dreams on your content material advertising strategy, specifical goals on the way to align together with your universal business desires so that any content material you product allows you reach extra commercial enterprise desires (producing more site visitors, more leads, making greater conversions through your internet site, blog or electronic mail and so forth)
Establishing KPIs (key overall performance signs) for measuring your content material advertising ROI
Audience segmentation for an increasing number of customized content
Content repurposing strategy
Content curation strategy
Different techniques for unique customer acquisition channels

Get your content ready for voice search.

If you’ve not yet taken to using voice search on your everyday life, you might be amazed to learn how famous it in reality is and how many human beings use it on a regular foundation. And possibilities are that with the increasing reputation of devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa together with services like Apple’s Siri, voice seeks will simplest keep growing – until, perhaps, it even will become the brand new ordinary. Some even consider that as many as half of all online searches can be voice searches by using 2020.

When it involves content material advertising and marketing, which means entrepreneurs need to begin optimising their content material – or, at least, some of their content material – for voice seek. Unfortunately although, each device seems to be pulling statistics from one of a kind resources and offering completely distinct consequences; that said, there are nevertheless things that you can do to get in advance of the opposition and make sure that your content is the one that voice assistants will advocate.

One of the most important elements is which you need to get your content to be the featured snippet – the quick blurb that on occasion appears at the top of a Google seek end result that solutions your search query – and understand which searches bring about featured snippets.
A one of a kind way of participating with influencers

Usually, one expects influencer collaboration to intend having the influencer promote a logo or its merchandise/services on their very own channels.

And while that’s absolutely nevertheless an incredible approach, another technique is beginning to trend right now: having the influencer create content material to your very very own brand channels (your blog, your social networks and so on).

This has quite some blessings for manufacturers, from boosting credibility to boosting visitors and followers as you attract that influencers’ target audience.

So how do these forms of campaigns paintings? Quite genuinely, via having known and respected influencers from your area of interest creating content material in your channels. They can then sell this content material on their channels and help power site visitors in your platform.

For example, in case you promote food merchandise, you can have famous cooks sharing distinct recipes in your blog – as a way to in all likelihood entice a huge target market of foodies on your blog. Or, you can take things one step further and feature an influencer take over your channel for an entire 24 hours – just like Snapchat takeovers.

As I stated earlier than, those sorts of influencer advertising initiatives allow you to increase your credibility definitely by using associating yourself with a reputable and properly-cherished influencer out of your niche, also, to help you with extra realistic desires, consisting of building up visitors on your weblog and internet site, assisting you to generate extra leads, as well as supporting you’re making extra income and accumulate new customers in your enterprise.
Incorporate more types of content in your method and attain a much broader target market

Content advertising isn’t simply blogging; it’s also social media content material, it’s marketing movies, e-mail advertising, podcasting, and so much more.

People eat a variety of specific sorts of content material each day, using diverse devices; so that it will attain those audiences, it’s essential to no longer handiest have a presence on multiple channels however additionally to create specific forms of content for unique segments of your target market:

Video is one of the most famous forms of content material proper now. People watch as many as 5 billion films on YouTube every day and 100 million hours of video on Facebook – and these are just 2 systems
Podcasting is rapidly increasing in recognition as nicely, with 44% of America population having listened to as a minimum one podcast in the beyond few years
Interactive content material, including AR lenses, will let you attain a massive audience; for instance, Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens generated an outstanding 224 million views.


Content advertising is extensively utilized by a large majority of marketers and organizations; in fact, as many as ninety one% of B2B marketers declare to use content advertising to reach customers, as this look at from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs discovered. That is lots of content material to compete with and, lamentably, it’s easy to experience this competition when your content material isn’t performing in seek consequences or to your audiences’ newsfeeds.

To perform well this year and generate extraordinary outcomes from content material advertising, stay on top of these developments and use them to inform your strategy: create a documented content advertising method, leverage AI, optimise your content for voice search, leverage one of a kind variety of content and collaborate with influencers in particular ways.


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