4 SaaS Video Marketing Tips for 2019

How nicely is your SaaS employer the use of video marketing?

The video is an excellent advertising tool, and it’s at its first-class while you operate it inside the proper context. I’ve got accurate information for you and your software-as-a-carrier firm: for software organizations, appropriate meanings abound. That’s because the software program regularly lends itself to visible illustration – merely ask your design crew. Whether you’re providing a modern CRM or a relaxed shared pressure, it’s quite probable that aesthetic design elements into your paintings on as a minimum a few degrees. Accordingly, video marketing pays big dividends.
If you’ve already heard all of this, undergo with me. Yes, we’ve preached the blessings of video marketing earlier than it’s compelling, it’s memorable, and its effectiveness is squarely backed with the aid of records. And that’s all well and accurate, the idea.
But let’s flow beyond concept and in the direction of practicality. How have you certainly do video marketing for your SaaS organization?
I pay attention to you. In this put up, let’s get drop-lifeless realistic. Ready?
Here are five precise methods your SaaS firm can place video advertising to get real results that construct your user base – and, in the end, your enterprise.

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1. Make a demo video.

This might be the maximum famous form of video advertising for SaaS businesses – for good motive. Tools – of all kinds – are exceptionally explained visually. Imagine looking to give an explanation to somebody how a hammer works without being capable of mime the pounding motion. You can get the factor across, sure – but it’s a lot less complicated when you may show it. Demo videos capitalize on that idea to make abstract ideas tangible.
Take the video above as an instance. What might the explanation be? “It’s a task control tool, and you’ve were given these bars called ‘pulses’ that you could upload records to like due dates, priority stages, assignment management details, and extra – after which you can check things off as you get work achieved.”
Yeah, that kind of makes an experience. But the idea genuinely clicks while a capability person can merely see the tool in action.

A few suggestions for creating compelling case studies and testimonials:

Get footage that tells a tale. There’s a cause human beings love the complete “earlier than and after” premise: we’re attracted to stories. If you could provide an entire narrative of what people’s pain factors had been before your product and the way their lives are higher now, visitors can pay attention to it.
Keep motion pictures under 3 mins. The video above, for instance, is only 50 seconds longer. It’s tempting to stretch things out to cover all the detail on your top-notch product. However, you’re higher off preserving matters concise. Viewers don’t want the information; they need the gist. The majority will music out quickly.
If you’re interviewing, script out your questions. I guarantee that Bamboo’s respondents have been requested scripted questions. If you don’t have scripted questions, you nearly simply gained’t get the fees you’re looking for, and you’ll end up with a rambling testimonial instead of a targeted piece.

We’d advise you to collect as a minimum 3 case research or testimonials, preferably focused on your central service regions. This will deliverability clients nicely-rounded (and, with a bit of luck, compelling) have a look at your work.

3. Get a Facebook cowl video.

If you’ve thought that every different publish on social media is a video, you’re no longer some distance off. Facebook films (to choose one platform, for instance) have expanded 360% in newsfeed updates. That’s quite a few videos. And of direction, other channels have accompanied fit.

That can sense a little overwhelming, although, so right, here’s an excellent first step to imposing video advertising and marketing for your SaaS company on social media: create a video cowl for your Facebook page. Here’s an example.

The gain (other than the fact that it appears quite cool)? Again, that is a danger to bring an excessive quantity of effects in an engaging way that reinforces your logo. And, as with the homepage heritage video, this layout is a significant first step.
Four. Promote your films (sure, through paid campaigns).
Video works. Make it work for you.

Hopefully, those four practical applications have kickstarted your push into video advertising. Either way, the fact is that these four thoughts are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to video. If you really need to engage in this medium, we’d also advocate going by using pushing into social distribution or even growing branded campaigns around different components of notion leadership.

And remember: at the same time as we’ve covered methods right here, your first consideration has to usually be strategic. Develop a routine and execute on ways – don’t let techniques force method. In different words, don’t do video due to the fact you sense, such as you have to. Start with a goal in thoughts, and decide if the video will assist you to attain it.


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