4 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategies

Hey, you! Yeah, you! The one that’s been dwelling beneath the rock! Did you realize that video is an exceptional way to grow visitors, convert leads, nurture the qualified, or even assist promote your superb commercial enterprise? Okay, ok, it’s 2019. I’m pretty sure that nearly anyone knows that. But in all seriousness, almost 50 percent of net customers look for films related to services or products earlier than visiting a shop, in keeping with HubSpot’s Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018. So right here’s the question: Why haven’t you dipped your toe inside the water and experimented with video advertising and marketing but?

There seem to be quite a few misconceptions about what it takes to create superb video content—but the great video doesn’t have to break the financial institution. Not every video needs an award-stage production price. In this weblog, I talk approximately the business case for why your employer needs to be leveraging video and proportion particular methods you could use video on your advertising efforts.

Video can be used to give an explanation for difficult or complex services and products. Not all of us that venture into your internet site or social profile will understand what precisely your organization does. With visuals, tune, and voiceovers, video can talk in-intensity concepts—like what your organization is all approximately. It’s no marvel Vidyard reports that agencies inside the excessive-tech and professional offerings industries are publishing the newest videos every month. These industries generally tend to have an extended Buyer’s Journey and services/merchandise that can be complicated to understand. Let the video do the tough paintings and hold your traffic engaged. Use 30-, 60-, or 120-2d videos to give an explanation for your techniques or empathize with the ache points of your clients. People love clean-to-digest content made in a surprising manner that leaves them feeling like they have determined a higher education solution.
Video can be used to sell your latest and greatest. I’m not merely speaking about using video to show off your ultra-modern carrier line or newest product release (even though it does an appropriate task for both of these). However, I’m also speaking about selling new ideas into the arena. There’s a reason so many agencies and people attempt to go viral to carry attention to their brand and exhibit their products/carrier. Video is one of the strategies that allow us to effortlessly proportion and get hold of information. It’s also been reported through HubSpot that forty-three percent of human beings need to look for greater video content from marketers. So hit that document button!
Video may be used for branding. Whether you need to show off your corporation’s internal workings every day or you’re interested in generating a profile video for your non-public brand, what better manner to demonstrate your logo? Back in the day, businesses trusted conventional marketing processes like TV and radio commercials. However, small ventures had a tough time competing with larger brands—they lacked the finances to broadcast nationally. That has all been modified with technology and get entry to video-hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vidyard, and Vimeo, which has opened the doors for greater competition, regardless of what length the company. Lastly, humans trust humans, now not companies, so the extra obvious you’re together with your target audience, the much more likely they’ll be to consider the products or services you’re selling; the use of video is a window that lets in viewers to look inner at a company and who they appoint.
Video may be used to nurture. We are within the age of content material development, and the message that’s been driven into our marketing brains is that content is king! But the video has now not been the front runner compared to e-books, white papers, and weblog posts. Here’s the truth: The want for more great dynamic styles of content material is robust due to the fact all and sundry digests content material differently. Using video in your drip campaigns is a unique way to preserve your leads and customers engaged. It must also be said that video publishing platforms like Vidyard allow you to music, degree, and examine your videos’ performance so that you can see who has watched your video, how much of it they viewed, and how usually the video became shared. Even wherein a person stopped watching your video. You can then modify your future video efforts based entirely on the facts, making for an excellent, more potent nurturing campaign.

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Hopefully, at this factor, you have concluded that video is, in truth, a practical approach for supporting your enterprise. Now, permit’s take a short drive into some ways that organizations are developing these one-of-a-kind kinds of movies …

A video advertising agency with a focal point on video content material improvement
Using an in-residence video production group
Using cellphone cameras
Using a pleasing video camera and device
Using a software program to record movements on a laptop screen and including a voice-over later
Leveraging present content, interviews, and b-roll and editing the clips into one cohesive video
Hiring a video marketing organization and developing an animated explainer video the usage of photos and animations

Whether you go expert or try working towards with one of kind forms of video in your very own, the primary takeaway is that, with all those eyeballs trying to find solutions and video being a significant influence on shopping and emblem strength, it has to now not be a question of in case you use video to your advertising efforts, but when. So collect the crew within the creativity conference room and start throwing the ones ideas round on distinctive ways you may be using video on your advertising projects.


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