5 Avoidable Mistakes Startups Make When Producing Marketing Videos

It has never been less complicated or inexpensive to make a basic teaser video for websites like Facebook. Easy get admission to gear, which includes Promo put DIY drag-and-drop tools into the palms of startup groups everywhere. But for extra state-of-the-art movies — like animated explainer movies — not anything beats working with an expert crew. A professional agency will no longer best assist you in crafting the visuals to your advertising video; however, it can even help focus the content and messaging.

I stuck up with Victor Blasco, an audiovisual clothier, video advertising and marketing expert, and the founder/CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. I desired to study the maximum common errors startups make and that he and Yum Yum help clients keep away from.

Here are the pinnacle 5 errors he recognized:

Too Much Content

Video advertising pieces tend to be notoriously short. Some might point to the target audience’s shorter and shorter attention span, others to the data overload we’ve all been uncovered to. The reality is that nearly 75% of advertising motion pictures are under -minutes in duration, and there may be handiest a lot you may want cowl correctly inside that time-frame. “Trying to cram as an awful lot of information as you probably can on a single video is a mistake that finally ends up backfiring nine times out of ten. Blasco advises, “When unsure, specificity and a clear recognition on an unmarried idea are the manners to move.”

A Lack of Story
“You’d assume we’d recognize better through now; however, I’m continuously locating explainer motion pictures on YouTube that lack any sense of storytelling,” Blasco notes. “However brilliant your product is, or how impactful your message feels, if you need human beings to definitely get it, you want a good tale. But don’t take my word for it: here’s a neuroscientist explaining why! Stories are essential to the manner we recognize and relate to our global. While your product topics, you still want to construct a compelling tale around it for humans to care. Understand the audience you are attempting to attract along with your video— what moves them and pursuits them — and craft a tale with those factors regarding your product. That’s the winning recipe.”

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Bad Branding
“The first creative step while you paintings with a video production enterprise on your challenge usually involve generating a color palette that matches your emblem,” Blasco notes. An appropriate explainer video ensures that your logo stays in the visitors’ minds long after they’ve seen it. Your video has to healthy the appearance and experience of the entirety else you make and do as an agency.”

An explainer video is a completely unique possibility to interact with your target audience while sharing the necessities of your employer’s products, services, and imaginative and prescient.

“We these days labored with the oldsters at DocuSign and evolved a color palette to apply throughout all their films that matched their properly-installed emblem. The end result becomes a unique and absolutely custom designed explainer video series that readily diagnosed the emblem and made it visually compelling,” Blasco recalls. “Having a consistent coloration palette throughout your videos is a powerful way to acquire brand permanence. It additionally allows seamlessly integrate the piece with the relaxation of your advertising software.”

Missing Your Target
Don’t forget about your audience! “If you want your video to connect to human beings, you higher make certain they could relate to it. Your target market desires to perceive themselves along with your content material,” Blasco counsels. “Your primary characters, the manner they talk and get dressed, the surroundings, and particularly, the hassle you’re fixing for them need to all mesh to produce the take-away you need. These are all elements that may beautify a video’s familiarity and provide your audience with the sense that your content  — and your product — is meant for them.”

For instance, test out this whiteboard animation Yum Yum Videos did for Spigit. “We hire heavy characterization to make our movies extra approachable for visitors,” Blasco stresses.

Maintain the point of interest on your target market and their ache points, and also, you’ll create an effective advertising piece!

Cutting Corners
Some startups are short to reduce charges on the subject of first-class elements and animation or storytelling, which would increase the very last video piece. “Thinking that as long as their product is ideal, everything will work out ok, is a mistake,” Blasco warns. “That’s simply wishful questioning.”

Online, humans don’t have any other way to form an opinion approximately you and your merchandise than thru the nice of your content material. There aren’t any lovely storefronts or personal one-on-one conversations.

“From your internet site to your movies, every piece of content material you placed available acts as a reflection of your logo. Put a shoddy video in front of your target market, and any distaste it reasons will possibly be transferred to your emblem and merchandise,” he concludes.

If you are going to make investments the time and money in a whiteboard animation or explainer video, ensure you test all of the boxes, and keep away from the maximum commonplace errors. Otherwise, it can be a short manner to throw your precious startup greenbacks down the drain.


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