5 Google Optimize tests to take AdWords to the next level

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising often focuses too much on the click.

It sounds crazy. After all, the industry is named after clicks, but what happens after a user comes to your landing page is even more critical.

That’s why the direct integration between AdWords and Google Optimize excites me. Landing page optimization is now way more comfortable, which means we can do so much more with all of those clicks we’re paying for.

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There’s a lot to get excited about regarding Google Optimize: It’s easy to set up experiments, and it’s even easier to create different versions of your site (no coding required). You can choose the winners of your tests with Google Analytics metrics and goals.

But as an AdWords guy at heart, I’m particularly excited about this integration: We can now directly tie our experiments to AdWords setups, from accounts to keywords.
Setting up Optimize and AdWords

Before we get into some ways to test AdWords with Optimize, I figure it makes sense to talk about setting up an experiment.


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