Always on excursion? Watch Laureen Uy debunk blogging myths

MANILA – Want to be a complete-time blogger? It’s not as easy as humans might imagine, in step with Laureen Uy.

Uy, 29, is considered one of the most popular bloggers in the country, with an Instagram following of almost 1 million.

In an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle, she debunked a number of the most commonplace myths related to blogging, such as the impact that everyone they pass on a vacation.

10 Blogging Myths Debunked - Mui Tsun

“No, oh my God, if you just understand,” she stated. “What occurs each painting ride… it takes various work.”

She persisted: “You follow an itinerary,, so we start early, perhaps eight or 9 a.M., then we stop at 11:30 [p.M.]… Basically, it’s 24/7 work. When you get domestic, you must test your e-mails, draft your vlog, draft for everything. And you must edit your photos; you must edit the whole lot.”

“Basically, [you’re] like an entire team, per Ikaw lang mag is. It takes loads.”

Uy, who has been running a blog since she went to college, argued that running a blog is a real process.

“[It’s the year] 2019 na, guys. Marami tayong paintings that are now not just corporate… There are lots of new jobs that require creativity. Ito ‘Yun,” she stated.

She lately sparked a hobby in her love life by sharing that she was given flora this Valentine’s Day.

And despite Maja Salvador’s pleasant efforts to hide who her thriller admirer is, a few online sleuths have controlled to piece clues together to provide you with a call –Rambo Nuñez.

The guy is rumored to have dated Salvador lower back in 2010 –exactly nine years ago. The word that came with the bouquet the actress received? “Thanks for being my Valentine again after 9 years.”

There also are pix that fanatics have unearthed and reposted –one where Salvador and Nuñez are seen conserving arms.

It stays uncertain while precisely those photographs had been taken.

Salvador has but to reply to those rumors, which have been widely pronounced with the aid of numerous leisure websites.

Some even gave a bit of background on Nuñez, who is said to be the president of a PR organization. He also seemingly dated Victoria’s Secret version of Kelsey Merritt earlier than.


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