Are seventy six percent of younger Kenyans certainly gamblers? A have a look at where that variety comes from

When Kenya’s Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i announced harder measures at the having a bet enterprise in advance this month, he cited — as proof that U. S. A . Has a critical hassle with playing — a claim that seventy-six percent of younger Kenyans are concerned with the exercise, ‘leading in this continent’. The figure comes from a survey that first looked at six countries.
Matangi noted the discern at a press conference on April 1, at some stage in which he introduced that playing agencies will have their lets revoked if they do not provide evidence via July 1 that they have paid their taxes.

The minister signaled that he desired the Kenyan making a bet quarter to face stricter rules, in particular, because of such a lot of young people in the USA gamble.

“We have the unlucky situation where we in Kenya are leading on this continent on the population of our younger people concerned about having a bet. Seventy-six percent of our younger people are worried in a single shape of making a bet or the other,” he said.

He asked: “What sort of us of a are we constructing? Are we elevating our youngsters and telling them, ‘Just do not do anything along with your lifestyles; simply move around making a bet and turn out to be a millionaire and live well’? Is that the kind of element that we’re telling our u? S. And our children?”

Where did the 76 percent discern come from?

Matiang’i no longer cites his source for the 76 percent claim, and many news reviews, without a doubt, quoted him as giving the determination without asking where it came from.

Some net users queried the supply of the data.

Online Gambling and the UIGEA -

The 76 percent figure appears to have come from a March 2017 survey via GeoPoll, a US-based research enterprise.

The survey looked at making a bet amongst young people in six African nations — Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda, and Kenya — and discovered that seventy-six percent of Kenyan respondents stated they’d gambled.

The survey sampled three 879 respondents elderly aged 17 and 35 across the six international locations — of which 1,130 have been in Kenya, GeoPoll advertising director Roxana Elliott instructed AFP via email.

So, is it fair to say that 76 percent of young Kenyans gamble?

Not pretty. Talking at the click convention, Matangi recommended that seventy-six percent of younger Kenyans were presently worried about playing.

The look at using GeoPoll definitely states that respondents were asked if they had gambled in the past. In keeping with the survey, it would be more accurate to mention that seventy-six percent of younger Kenyans say they have gambled at some unspecified time in the future.

Having said that, of the Kenyans who stated they’d gambled at some point, more than 1/2 said they risked once a week.


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