BLOGGING THE VIEW: Avoid the ‘surprise’ of load-dropping

There is a lot of negativity obtainable approximately the re-welcoming of load-losing, and I only can’t apprehend why.

I suppose moaning is a national interest, and now that JZ is best presenting on Twitter and no longer laughing in parliament, we want something new to moan about… and I assume load-losing is a clean target. But there’s so much correct about load-shedding.

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Work avoidance

You neglected a closing date?

Were too hungover to wait for that assembly?

Don’t worry! Load-losing has you again!

‘Sorry, I become caught in site visitors because there had been no traffic lighting, which caused a seven-car pile-up and my telephone battery had died…due to load-shedding.’

‘Sorry, I couldn’t get entire that massive work task due to the fact my battery per cent isn’t purposeful, and my WiFi wouldn’t make paintings…due to load-losing.’

‘Sorry, I was stuck in an elevator/automobile park/on a Ferris wheel and couldn’t get out/down…because of load-dropping.’
Get creative. Nothing is improbable anymore.

Take eavesdropping to a new degree.

With no tv or net to distract us, we need to locate enjoyment in different areas.

Fortunately, without the background noise powered by way of power, you’re able to pay attention to what’s happening around the corner, at the next coffee desk or within the subsequent cubicle.

The world is now your television.

The mystery is not to be too apparent – a hand cupped for your ear is a useless giveaway.

Instead, put earphones in your ears and bop your head as in case you’re taking note of the today’s Lionel Richie hit… and just eavesdrop away!

Brilliant and powerful.

Big financial savings

Eskom is honestly simply doing us all a big favour.

Without strength, there may be no energy invoice. In what world does a product supplier clearly ban you from the usage of their very own product? Only right here.

Thanks, Eskom!

Don’t panic while you see we’re hitting level 4 load-shedding – it absolutely simply means extra money inside the financial institution.

Preparing for the end of days

When the meteor hits and we’re utterly cut off the grid, we’ll be laughing at those over-pampered Americans and Brits who’ve no longer had our much preparation for the massive blackout.

We recognize the way to exist on spoilt milk and tinned meals.

We get our news the old-fashioned way – from the gossiping neighbour.

And we will live on not understanding what Kim Kardashian is sporting nowadays.

We’re sturdy like that.

Extreme load-losing

Instead of looking on the load-dropping time table as a manner to live to tell the tale for 2 hours without strength, you can examine the agenda as a mission, via playing the new sport I invented – excessive load-dropping.

Get a collection of buddies collectively and comply with the weight-dropping agenda around.

Try to avoid having any energy for as long as you can.


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