BLOGGING THE VIEW: Taking a stand for the crazy cat women

For eons, we’ve been kept away from by communities, treated as social pariahs for our obsession, and had photos of our liked ‘fur children’ in memes with the aid of net trolls jealous of our connection.

I may be taking a stand for the loopy cat girls everywhere – the wild-haired girls with houses smelling of cat wee, the ones currently dumped 30-something-12 months-old women and not using a hope of children and people little girls who’d as an alternative spend time chatting to their kittens than becoming a member of the alternative youngsters on the playground.

Now is the time to position forward the case of the crazy catgirls. And to this stop, I’ve outlined exactly why we adore those pussycat pals more than the maximum human beings available.

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In contrast to other animals, cats supply an effective recovery pressure that I like to name ‘cat strength’.

You may find no remedy in the pharmacy, no hug from loved ones, and no hangover therapy as effective as cat strength.

You can’t force cat strength even though the cat will deliver you the energy as and while required. It’s generally while you’re mendacity in a reclined role, praying for death, that the cat will actually lie for your chest and make the whole lot better.

Why does something?

If you’ve got a canine, you have to walk it. If you have a pal, you must arrange to satisfy him or her.

What does a cat want from you? Nothing.

A cat is happiest when lying in some awkward role, left by myself, untouched and undisturbed.

That’s the level of neediness I need in my lifestyle.

3. Creepy crawly catcher

Spiders, rats, and bizarre insects with extra legs that appear important may be all at the mercy of the intrepid cat!

Dogs and husbands will actually run away, but cats are constantly up for the mission of attacking some creepy intruder.

Sure, they could play with it for a while, and – sure – they do trap the strange hen; however common, they have a few real causes.

Role fashions

Anyone who has tried to attract a cat with those inane ‘here kitty kitties’ will recognize the result – it won’t be the cat prancing luckily up to you.

Rather, the cat will shoot you a look so withering you’ll be embarrassed you have been ever born.

I have worked my complete lifestyle to master that appearance, and I’m nowhere close. Cats are my heroes.

Anti-consumerist notions

Walk into any puppy save, and you may find it coated with balls, dingly dangly bells at the ends of sticks, fake mice, cat beds, scratching posts…, and a whole host of items designed to suit your cat.

You can buy each unmarried one among them, and your cat will do exactly what cats constantly do – forget about them.

They don’t want stupid toys or comfy beds – they need mice and a field. They don’t need a fancy scratching post – they need your furniture. They fight the consumerist version anywhere feasible.


Unexpected love

Cats will now not come while you name them. They will not go while you plead. They will not come in case you’re dangling the cat toys I warned you no longer to buy.

But the minute you lie down with a book, sit at your desk to paint, or open a can of tuna, they may be!

Cats need affection, however, only once they need it. And fine, you’d deliver it to them, or you may grow to be with an uncongenial face scratch.

Yes, cats are tough; however, beneath all that fur, bitterness, and self-renovation lies a tremendous creature worthy of your love.
Just like loopy cat women.


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