Brazilian bike employer uses truck driver strike to show cost savings of bicycle transportation

Anyone who has lived through a gas crisis knows how taxing it may be on pocketbooks and nerves. In Brazil, a spike in the diesel gasoline rate brought on a national truck strike in protest, bailing over into customer territory due to distribution issues, causing sharp lines and rising prices.

Brazilian cycling organization Caloi presented the bicycle as a different, low-carbon mobility answer. It put the cost financial savings of motorbike transportation out for all to look at — right in front of fuel stations.

‘Liters,’ an ad campaign created through Tribal Worldwide’s São Paulo workplace, observed a manner to reveal how cycling is a feasible, sustainable, and good value option for transportation, and with the timing and site to impact a capacity goal. Focused on out-of-home (OOH) media, the communique converted the prices of some of its excellent-selling motorcycles to gallons of gas, using cars inside the crowded metropolis to rationally demonstrate the cost-to-benefit ratio in city mobility.

How to achieve a walking and cycling transformation in your city

The index used to convert the bike charges in gasoline liters became based totally on actual-time data linked with Google Waze statistics. Every time the gas price varied, the virtual doors symptoms were updated accordingly. TO INCREASE THE EFFECT, the OOH media placements have been strategically placed near fuel stations, specifically those with the most essential queues.

By evaluating the Reais (Brazilian currency) that might be spent on a new motorbike instead of pouring liters of fuel right into a car, extra people have become conscious that cycling isn’t always best for fitness for the planet, but also for his or her wallets.

“Several benefits using a motorbike presents: it collaborates with the environment because it does not pollute, it’s miles a physical activity that facilitates bodily and mental health, and in times of disaster, it may nevertheless be a differential element within the price range. That’s why bicycles are so famous in many European and Asian countries, but not a lot in Brazil yet. This marketing campaign seeks to attract attention to (the truth) that pedaling is one of the pleasant mobility solutions inside the USA, even more, integrated to other alternatives, including subway and trains, for example,” stated Eduardo Rocha, Caloi’s advertising director.


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