Cake Browser provides a chunk of Tinder’s magic to cellular seek

Most human beings stay with something default browser came with their phone, be it Safari or Chrome. That’s a disgrace, due to the fact there are loads of compelling options obtainable, like Cake Browser, which re-imagines how search can make paintings on cellular.

Cake Browser’s genius is that it makes a single assumption: maximum instances when you look for something, the first end result is the only you virtually care approximately. So, why don’t you just visit that, as opposed to examining a web page of outcomes, the majority of which you don’t care about?

As you’d anticipate, attempting to find “The Next Web” with Cake Browser takes you to our homepage. Swipe proper, and you’ll see three of the pinnacle news testimonies we’ve posted. From what I can inform, those are the top 3 stories shown in Google’s outcomes, in preference to ones mainly decided on utilizing the app.

After that, you’re taken to TNW’s Tech subcategory, which is without difficulty one of the most lively categories at the website in terms of reporting. The next outcomes are our Facebook and Flickr pages.

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Cake Browser’s novel technique to go looking feels slicker than the Exxon Valdez and is hugely much less laborious than continually dipping in-and-out of Google consequences so one can locate the web page you care approximately.

Another component: Cake Browser pre-loads pages earlier than you honestly open them. When you search for something, it’ll routinely cache the primary 3 results. As you swipe through, it’ll keep to automatically pre-load subsequent results, so you aren’t left twiddling your thumbs looking forward to the page to seem in your display screen.

This worked really properly for me, each on LTE and Wi-Fi. That stated, I notice that I live in a metropolis with excellent 4G coverage, and I intentionally pay for a smartphone plan with a beneficial facts allowance. I wonder how beneficial I’d find Cake Browser if that wasn’t the case.

It’s additionally really worth noting that Cake Browser helps you to search for things besides websites. You can pick to refine your question to simply motion pictures, purchasing, pics, or information.

These paintings a touch otherwise, and don’t take you without delay to the pinnacle end result. When I appeared up “Deadpool” underneath the buying category, it didn’t take me to the Blu-Ray of Deadpool on Amazon, however rather to Google Shopping.

I swiped proper and hit Amazon, however most effective Amazon’s search consequences. And then Wal-Mart’s outcomes. You get the concept.

Similarly, if you search for “Despacito” below motion pictures, you don’t move instantly to the Latin toe-tapper, however alternatively the primary page of YouTube’s effects.

I’d love it if Cake Browser came with a feature that told it to head straight to the primary seek result, regardless of the class you’re searching in. Alas, I couldn’t discover that anywhere.

These are minor bugbears. The bulk of all search consequences I make are for internet pages, and now not videos or merchandise. Overall I found Cake Browser to be a time-saver. I’d kind my question, and about 90 per cent of the time I’d at once get the end result I turned into interested by.

Admittedly, the UI feels a bit clunky. However, that’s smooth to forgive when you keep in mind it’s nevertheless early days for a scrappy new browser. At this nascent stage, you’d like besides it to be a bit rough around the rims.

The employer quietly released Cake Browser in Australia and Taiwan in October and has now launched it worldwide across Android and iOS.

The corporation has also announced a $five million pre-Series A funding round, lead through Peak Ventures and with Pelion Venture Partners and Kickstart Seed Fund additionally taking component, to be able to carry its browser imaginative and prescient to full fruition.


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