Captain Marvel’s reputable web site dials up a few Nineteen Nineties web design

I don’t realize if it’s too soon to name a film set within the Nineties a “period piece.” Still, Captain Marvel’s entrepreneurs are doing their damndest to earn that label with a Comic Sans-tastic throwback internet site that recalls the times of Adobe PageMill and HTML 1.0.

It’s slam complete of extremely-dated capabilities, my favorite being the crummy RealMedia player embed (OK, so it’s “KREE PLAYER 1.0”) showing the reliable trailer at a 14. Four-killing 310×175 pixels. Play the “Kree or Skull?” multimedia recreation and don’t forget time while advertising on the web becomes a ludicrous novelty, now not the all-ingesting existence pressure an excellent way to spoil all of our jobs and usher in the coming of the machines.

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Rainbow typefaces, 3-d text, clip artwork backgrounds,.Gifs might be animated in name simplest and, sure, a visit counter rounds out the dial-up motif. The handiest element I didn’t see was that “NeW!” header for all of these updates made 5 months in the past.

The website is both an homage to or a ripoff of Warner Bros. Nonetheless-extant Space Jam official page that is old enough to lease a car. You discern whoever sloshed this aspect collectively knew they’d be obligating Marvel.Com to host it for the subsequent quarter-century, so, well-performed, my dudes.

By the way, Space Jam is getting a sequel courtesy of LeBron James and Ryan Coogler, someday soon. Captain Marvel is extra impending, freeing in theaters on March 8. Or you may await it to show up on Primestar.

Correction: Astoundingly, a submit whose sole motive changed into to send humans to an internet site did not include that internet site’s cope with. That become high-quality, powerful, Owen. So, formally, it’s miles https://www.Marvel.Com/captainmarvel — or AOL key-word KREE. We now go back to “Mr. T Ate My Balls,” already in development.


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