College students examine virtual advertising, search engine optimization for the duration of seminar

The university college students learned approximately Digital Marketing and search engine marketing in a daylong seminar. A seminar on Digital Marketing and search engine optimization turned into held at the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology here on Wednesday.

Expert and Digital Marketing consultant Afzal Khan instructed the students approximately virtual marketing. Afzal Khan explained how a great deal of virtual advertising and marketing is useful for business improvement and solving queries.

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The seminar was prepared mainly for the engineering students. The workshop turned into organized mutually by way of the Department of Information Technology (IT) and OIST.

To begin with the seminar, Afzal Khan gave a quick about virtual advertising and marketing.

He said that virtual advertising and marketing are advertising products or services using virtual technologies, particularly on the Internet, and include cell phones, display advertising, and some other virtual medium.

He informed virtual advertising’s improvement because the Nineties and 2000s have modified the way brands and agencies use generation for marketing.

As digital systems are more and more included in advertising plans and everyday lifestyles, and as human beings use virtual devices rather than traveling physical stores, virtual advertising and marketing campaigns are getting extra typical and efficient. He additionally defined approximately strategies of digital advertising.

Digital advertising methods including SEO (search engine optimization), search engine advertising (SEM), content material advertising, influencer advertising and marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, statistics-pushed advertising, e-commerce advertising and marketing, social media advertising, social media optimization, email direct marketing, display marketing, e-books, and optical disks and video games have become extra, not unusual in our advancing era.

In fact, digital advertising now extends to non-Internet channels that offer digital media, inclusive of cellular telephones, callbacks, and on-keep cell ring tones.


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