Content Marketing Lead Generation Tactics That Actually Work In 2019

Leads are the simple lifeblood of your business. And content material marketing is often at the heart of lead technology, as one of the tops only lead technology approach; in truth, ninety-three % of B2B companies say that content material advertising generates more leads than conventional marketing strategies.

Let’s positioned it this manner:

If you need to make more income, then you definitely want to generate extra first-rate leads on a regular foundation
If you need to generate excellent leads on a steady foundation, then you want exceptional content to attract that target audience
It’s truely that easy; but, as a way to get better and better results, you then need to recognize precisely which content material advertising and marketing lead era procedures clearly work in 2019.

The basics of content material advertising and marketing for lead era
Before I get into the real techniques of the use of content advertising and marketing for lead era in 2019, I want to spend a piece of time at the primary factors of a successful content material advertising and marketing:

Quality content material that offers value and…
Knowing your audience
This may appear obvious at first glance, however, in case you spend a bit of time exploring enterprise blogs and different content material created by way of and for organizations, you’ll likely note that lots of them do no longer adhere to the ones 2 fundamental hints. The net is complete of low first-class content advertising examples which provide no real fee to their specific target audience, and growing content just for the sake of it certainly gained’t reduce it.

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So earlier than you start creating any greater content, take the time to get to know your target market. You can use social listening gear to research your enterprise and target audience: who’re they? Where are they from? Where are they spending their time online? What are their wishes, their pastimes, their struggles and their challenges? What kinds of content material are they interacting with on line (liking, sharing and so on)?

Then, whilst you begin creating content for them, you can ensure that you’re writing approximately the topics that interest them and that deliver them actual fee.

Now, permit’s get into the actual content material advertising and marketing lead era techniques for 2019:

A bigger consciousness on nice in place of amount: lengthy form, well-researched content material

Whether it’s a blog submit, a lead magnet, or another shape of content, it has become increasingly more important to focus on nice in place of on amount. In other phrases, you want to create extra long-shape content (from 2000-3000 phrases and up!) that is extremely properly-researched and brings actual cost on your audience.

The vast majority  – 85%, to be particular – of online content material being published is less than 1,000 phrases in length. That stated, the equal have a look at determined that lengthy-form content gets more stocks and greater links, constantly.

That could be taking place for a number of motives:

The greater the price your content material brings to the reader, the much more likely it’s far they’ll share it and the much more likely it’s miles that different websites will hyperlink to it
The more one-way links you get, the higher your search engine marketing scores and the more site visitors you get
The more your search engine rating grows, the more organic visitors you’ll get hold of
And the greater traffic you acquire…the more leads in your enterprise!

However, it’s vital to remember the fact that it’s no longer just the duration of your content in an effort to carry you outcomes; writing long-form content isn’t approximately boosting your word depend. Rather, it’s about the usage of as a good deal area as you need to illustrate your theories, show your factor and assist you readers. So don’t boost up your word remember only for the sake of it; select subjects that you can explore in-depth, make sure that your audience desires to read about them and simplest then begin writing.

Create a high-cost lead magnet on your internet site

There are numerous processes for producing leads out of your internet site traffic, lots of them content material-advertising associated. But the fastest and optimum manner to generate a ton of leads out of your website is to create an excessive price lead magnet: an in-depth piece of content that helps remedy a problem to your audience and that they could download in trade for his or her records.

A terrific lead magnet will now not most effective help you generate extra leads, but it’s going to also help build up trust to your logo as you’re effectively demonstrating your know-how on the concern.

So, what does a first-rate lead magnet appear like?

It solves a problem for your target market: consider all of the speak approximately the importance of studying your target audience? Here’s where it is available in accessible: discover a hassle that your target market has that you can solve along with your lead magnet. The broader it is, the higher – ideally, you need your lead magnet to resonate with a wide segment of your target market

It’s extraordinarily centered: as I mentioned simply earlier than, it’s excellent to recognition on fixing a trouble on your audience. So if you go too extensive, it may result in some lost opportunities; for instance, an ebook like ‘The Complete Guide to Content Marketing’ is probably too extensive on your target market and even a bit overwhelming. However, a how-to manual like ‘How to double your website traffic in 30 days with social media solves a particular problem in your target audience even as still being applicable to a massive majority of your audience

Make sure to advertise your lead magnet at some stage in your internet site – where relevant – and experiment with exceptional types of opt-in and lead generation forms to look the way it influences your consequences and optimize your strategy.

Optimize your blog to generate greater leads

Blogging is one of the top content advertising lead generation techniques to be had; but so that you can generate greater effects out of your blog, you want to recognise a way to optimize weblog for lead era:

Create more lengthy-shape properly-researched weblog posts that carry a number of value
Promote your services within your blog content material simplest in which applicable: while you write a way to-type blog posts that provide price to the reader, it’s the correct opportunity to market it your own services and lure readers to present you a name or message you in the event that they want assist
Add a sidebar choose-in shape on all blog pages: if you want to get readers to enroll in your blog, you want to make it clean for them – and provide them a purpose to accomplish that. Add a sidebar opt-in form on all of your weblog pages to lure readers to join your publication

Create targeted content material downloads/lead magnets: past the primary lead magnet from your website, you can also create content-precise downloads/lead magnets, in which viable. Essentially, if you write an in depth weblog submit, or offer a quick tick list – essentially, any weblog posts that assist clear up a hassle in your target market – you could additionally encompass a centered content material download to go together with your weblog submit as a way to generate extra leads. For instance, if you write a guide on how to generate leads from content material advertising and marketing, then you could additionally include a PDF version of that blog publish that readers can download for safekeeping or you can create an accompanying piece of content material, such as “the ultimate lead era checklist”.


If you need to generate more leads from content advertising this yr, then awareness on best and market studies. Take the time to virtually recognize your target audience and create superb content material that helps remedy their issues and presents them with actual price – integrate that with a amazing content and weblog promotion approach and you’ll see excellent consequences in your enterprise: more site visitors and extra leads generated.


I have been working in the field of SEO and content marketing since 2014. I have worked with over 500 clients and more than 100 websites. I started blogging in 2012 and have now made my first steps into the world of freelancing. In my spare time, I like to read, cook or listen to music.