10 Fast Facts To Consider In Your Content Marketing Plans

Content entrepreneurs apprehend how lengthy-form content material, search engine optimization, social media, and video assist in increasing brand awareness and building a devoted target audience. However, others in our orbit on occasion need convincing. That’s when having the proper information is available in one hand. Recent studies show why today’s manufacturers prioritize content in their advertising and marketing blend. When making your commercial enterprise case, consider these industry stats and insights.

Content Strategy & Platform Trends

What are the Major Modules in Digital Marketing

1) Sponsored articles that encompass brand mentions sparingly get higher reader engagement than those with common brand mentions. (Pressboard Brand Publishers Study 2018)

2) ninety% % of the most successful content entrepreneurs prioritize instructing their target audience to oversell their agency’s income message, compared with 56% of individuals who describe their content marketing efforts as unsuccessful. (B2B Content Marketing 2019)

three) Sixty-one % of marketers surveyed publish content material on numerous instances according to week; 89% of those respondents suggested content advertising and marketing produced better satisfactory leads than other kinds of marketing. (ContentWriters)

4) eighty-two % of CMOs assume to grow their digital budgets by approximately 50% in 2019. (Nielsen 2018 CMO Report)

five) Over the past years, direct cellular site visitors to publishers’ websites have increased by 30%, surpassing referral site visitors from Facebook. (Chartbeat/ MediaPost)

6) In a survey of 500 digital entrepreneurs, 88% said their advertising strategy consists of blogging, and most posts they post have at least one visible. (Venngage)

Consumer Habits

The most successful content entrepreneurs apprehend content advertising and marketing as possible to construct and agree with. Once your emblem becomes a source of helpful, reliable facts, you won’t have to chase customers—they’ll come to you.

7) 82% of consumers have purchased primarily based on an employer’s online content advertising. (Clutch Survey)

8) 96% of the top-acting B2B content marketers say their target audience views their logo as a credible and trusted supply. (B2B Content Marketing 2019 through Content Marketing Institute)

nine) 71% of clients say they could be inclined to spend more money to support products and services from an emblem they accept as true. (Readers’ Digest Most Trusted Brand Survey 2018)

10) 38% of consumers go to at least four sites to investigate prior to making a primary-time B2B purchase. (e-tailing group’s B2B Buyer Behavior)

Each piece of content material your brand publishes can leave readers with a wonderful influence. Creating content that’s considerate and informative gives traffic a reason to engage and the motivation to continue exploring what your emblem has to offer. Ultimately, this builds the muse of trust wished to turn possibilities into clients.


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