Neil Patel’s Content Marketing Strategies for 2019.

In 2019, you needed to assume differently about your content marketing strategies. Google has so much content on the same subjects that it’s difficult for average content material to rank. You need to continuously create new, clean content material that is precise. More importantly, in step with Neil Patel, you must aggressively promote your content. He says you need to use the eighty/20 rule, 20 percent of the time writing, 80 percent selling.

Neil Patel, one of the unique net advertising and marketing influencers, released a new video (below) that offers guidelines on the way to correctly do content advertising in 2019:
Content Marketing Strategies for 2019

In 2019, content material gained rank as well because it used to. Yes, they say content is king. However, we already recognize there are over one thousand million blogs. Google isn’t just picking from what content material we will want to rank because we lack content. They’re like, we’ve content on the whole thing under the sun and the same component in one hundred different instances. So now they’re just not selecting what content we need to rank. They’re searching for authority and user metrics and even searching when the content material is created.

Tip 1– Create New, Fresh Content

Why might they want to rank content material that’s years vintage when they could list something that’s much less than one week old? When it involves content advertising in 2019, you must ensure your content material is updated. If you don’t replace your old content, you’ll no longer get as much love as folks who are persevering in putting out new sparkling content material.

Tip 2 – Don’t Regurgitate the Same Information

The 2D advice I even have for you is don’t regurgitate the same statistics repeatedly. People are uninterested in studying 12 search engine optimization Tips That Will Double Your Traffic. You can Google it. There are probably unique variations of that variety, but there are, in all likelihood, masses of articles on that situation. Write something new and sparkling that hasn’t been visible before, and also, you’re much more likely to get visitor scores and even common stocks.
Tip three – Create Video and Audio Content

I know you’re not gonna like this third tip. However, the third tip is to create video and audio primarily based on content material. The text is puffed up. It doesn’t help you connect to human beings as much as a video. I nonetheless love textual content, and I still crank out text. However, the future is video. It’s a lot more private, and people get to realize your personal and organization goals. Create video-based content, add it to YouTube and LinkedIn, and you could even do Twitter and Instagram if it’s short sufficient, and of path, Facebook.

Don’t share the same video repeatedly, like sharing your YouTube video on Facebook. You’ve got to take that video all over again and re-add it to Facebook. With LinkedIn, for example, you’ve got to re-upload the video another time versus sharing the hyperlink to that Facebook or YouTube video.

With audio, you want to create a podcast. It’s smooth. You can just bust out your telephone, create an audio record, add it to iTunes or Libsyn, and get off to the races. Same with video. You don’t have to cross into a studio like I do, shoot most of these excellent movies, and pay money. You can just bust out your phone. I could even say that in most of the instances from the checks we’ve run, the motion pictures you come to be moving to your iPhone convert higher if you’re selling products or services. There’s not anything wrong with doing that. Just look at Tai Lopez. He’s acknowledged for simply busting out his phone and recording motion pictures, and it does very well for him.
Tip 4 – Spend More Time Promoting than Creating

The fourth tip I have for you is to promote your content material. In 2019, you got to spend more time helping than writing. Again, I can’t emphasize this sufficiently. There’s an excessive amount of content on the internet. It doesn’t count how properly of a content material piece you write; it’s no longer going to be visible unless you sell it. So spend extra time promoting than writing. Use the eighty/20 rule: 20 percent of the time writing, eighty percent helping.

The Advanced SEO Formula That Helped Me Rank For 477,000 Keywords

One way to sell content is to e-mail all the people who link to your competition’s content and ask them for a hyperlink. You can use tools like BuzzSumo. Just type in a keyword associated with your space and see all the famous articles inside your area. You then took that and placed that URL into Ahrefs. It suggests you all the folks who link to that URL. Then, you contact all those who relate to it and ask for a link.

Tip 5 – Get Social Shares

You additionally want to get social shares. Getting one-way links isn’t enough—Facebook, Twitter, and and some social websites power some visitors. You then need to go to BuzzSumo and click on the view stocks button, and it’ll show you every unmarried person who shared the one’s articles. That simple factor will assist you in getting more social traffic.

You Can’t Just Do the Old Stuff That Worked Before

2019, you won’t do well if you don’t leverage these procedures. Many humans have the old mentality of, hey, I’m only going to hold creating new content material and crank out ten posts a day. If you do that, you’re possibly going to regurgitate content material and won’t get rankings. Google already has new authoritative websites to pick out from. You can’t just do the old stuff that labored in 2018 and 2017. You should leverage these methods.

Even the video stuff I defined, I recognize quite a few you’re like, I don’t want to create a video. It’s an excessive amount of paintings. But what with YouTube search engine optimization? I just get over one hundred thousand visitors a month from YouTube search engine optimization. It’s extraordinary. It’s a channel you need to leverage. Best of all, unlike Google search engine marketing, with YouTube search engine marketing, you can get effects in much less than per week. I am a youngster, you not. I created a video on search engine marketing and started ranking for the term SEO on YouTube in less than one week.


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