Seven interesting things approximately the 2019 Dallas Cowboys time table

It’s clean to look at positive matchups that are more appealing than others and to get excited for certain times of the year. The scheduled launch is while human beings tend to plot lots of fall trips, with a bit of luck, whatever you had to devise goes properly.

There are some chin-scratching matters about the Cowboy’s agenda, though, that don’t jump out at you right now right now. Here they are, in all their glory.


We’ve seen this genuine beginning to the season very recently.

Dallas opens up their season towards the New York Giants on a Sunday afternoon, following that up with an avenue experience in Washington with an early kick. This is exactly how they started the season three years ago, the rookie seasons of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

To get the season commenced, two department games are a tall undertaking for everyone. It’s assumed that New and Washington will conflict this season, but matters are tough to expect. If Dallas can get the ones wins early, it will set them up quite properly. They for what it’s worth, theygin the season off 2-0 with two wins in the department just the year before in 2015, for ws doesn’t have video games directly at home all season

There aren’t video games for the Cowboys in 2019 intending to be performed consecutively at domestic until they host a playoff recreation within the Wildcard or Divisional rounds. Amazingly, the Cowboys are basically turn-flopping locations all season long.

This, without a doubt, looks like a drawback when you think about it. However, absolutely, nearly 4 teams throughout the NFL are dealing with it. The Baltimore Ravens have the exact state of affairs regarding their schedule. The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots don’t host consecutive video games until the season’s remaining weeks.

There will be 3 direct primetime video games.

It’s not that primetime has ended up overestimated within NFL video games; however, occasionally, being in the afternoon slot on Sunday can be extra precious. That’s why the Cowboys are there so often.

Still, even though primetime is primetime. The Cowboys maxed out as far as video games below the lighting fixtures are involved (that’s 5, in case you didn’t realize). However, what’s especially top-notch is that three are taking place in a row.

Beginning in Week 7, the Cowboys will host the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, be on their bye, go to the Giants on Monday Night Football, and then host the Vikings all over again on SNF. That is a month of Cowboys action for the sector.

Likewise, This is two department games plus a convention opponent that Minnesota recreation could be fun. Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is four-12 on primetime in his profession; right here’s to persevering with his robust streak!

Dallas might be done with the Giants very soon.

That MNF recreation in New York will surely be the second recreation for Dallas at MetLife Stadium (thanks to the go-to to the Jets in advance inside the season) and their 2nd contest against the Giants at the season. Shockingly, the Cowboys will end their season games with the G-Men on the fourth day of November.

That’s virtually early for the Cowboys to be carried out with any division rival. However, that’s just how the schedule shook out. New York isn’t expected to contend for the division title by using anyway, but it is finished with them, and it has received’t beent be bad.

There could be an additional quantity of rest after the bye… Once more
When the Cowboys head to New York for the final recreation of Week 9, they’ll be doing so coming off in their bye. That means the Cowboys have the complete bye week AND an additional rest day earlier than their next recreation.

If you suspect this sounds acquainted, it’s as it does. Last season, the Cowboys got off in their bye and headed immediately into their MNF recreation in opposition to the Tennessee Titans (Amari Cooper’s first game with the crew). Unlike then, while Tennessee was additionally coming off of their bye, the Giants will be coming off of an ordinary Sunday sport even as Dallas will be extra rested.

Both games towards Washington are scheduled for 1 p.m. ET.

The Cowboys very rarely play video games in the early slot on Sundays due to the fact, nicely, they’re the Cowboys. They get placed in spaces in which lots of humans can be watched.

Looking at their department games, the Cowboys have primetime and afternoon contests against the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. Shockingly, even though possibly now not so much, both games against the Redskins are scheduled for 1 PM ET kickoffs.

This says a lot about who Washington is as a franchise and, as a minimum, how they’re perceived by NFL agenda-makers. While the Week 17 game isn’t technically a 1 PM ET recreation, as all video games in that week are based on getting into it to put the most playoff-defining ones within the satisfactory spots, the truth remains that the Redskins appear to be the unpleasant stepchild of the NFC East in the interim.

A majority of the department games bookend the season, and they all are played in a returned-to-the-returned style.We discussed how the Cowboys will play division video games to open their season, but they’ll additionally play them to close it.

Dallas opens against New York, and at Washington, they finish their season at Philadelphia and against Washington. It’s a huge roll of the cube to pray that a grououp, is paying sturdy at the season’s beginning and end.

The exact information is that 75% of these games are against teams (New York and Washington) that most Cowboys fans aren’t too frightened of. The December twenty-second recreation in Philadelphia will be a thriller in all likelihood; with a bit of luck, we’re at the proper quit of it.

What’s also thrilling about the division games 2019 is that they arrive in clusters. While the Cowboys are are open and near with two department video gamesthey host the Eagles and go to the Giants in consecutive matchups (for the duration of the primetime run we stated). The biggest difference there is the bye week falls in among them.


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