Did Twitter suspend your account? Micro-blogging platform now we could users enchantment choice directly


Twitter will now permit users suspended for violating its pointers to attract the selection immediately within its platform.

Earlier, users whose accounts had been frozen had to fill out an online form to appeal Twitter’s choice, and the response time varies from a few hours to over per week.

“We pass quick to put into effect our regulations, but now and again we don’t have the full context and may make mistakes,” the enterprise tweeted overdue on Tuesday.

Twitter's algorithm suspended my account — the design community helped restore it | by Jose Coronado | UX Collective

Twitter claimed the -new in-app feature will reduce reaction time by 60.

“We brought a way for people to appeal our choice inside the app and have been able to get lower back to humans 60 percent quicker than earlier,” it said.

Twitter can drop accounts for being fake, abusive, threatening, spamming, or impersonating someone.

Twitter also considers labeling tweets that violate its guidelines but must remain on the platform because they are in the public interest.

In an interview with The Washington Post last week, Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s Head of Legal, Policy, and Trust, stated Twitter is operating on how to label tweets that violate the company’s abuse terms.


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