Five Mistakes That Will Stop Your Blog Succeeding

One aspect that simply depresses me is seeing businesses and individuals put plenty of effort into their blogs when I know they have little danger of success deep down.

There are a few simplysimplehts-blowing records out there about blogging. While it might not be possible to give a definitive parent for the total number of blogs on the internet, we’re honestly talking about hundreds of thousands and thousands. This stay statistical counter tracks new posts on WordPress blogs and suggests millions of the latest posts are added daily.

These records reveal an unhappy reality: A large quantity of the content material put out on the line in no way profits traction. Competition is fierce, so in case you need your blog to be one of the minorities that really gains momentum, there’s a first-rate deal you ought to get proper.

Perhaps extra importantly, there’s a lot that you mustn’t get WRONG! With that in mind, this text seems to be 5 mistakes I see humans make repeatedly. Avoid them, and your blog will have a far better chance of success.

1. A Lack of a Clear Niche

Most people have a wide variety of hobbies. However, trying to cram several topics into one blog is unwise.

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A not-unusual situation I see is someone starting a blog website with a unique call (or beneath their own name) and putting lots of effort into their preliminary articles. There is probably a publication of their exercising regime, then an evaluation of a reggae gig, then a listing of their ten favorite books.

This can be fun to create. However, it’s essentially simply journalling. The likelihood is that a reader inquisitive about the tune overview will not be interested in any way in the different content. In this manner, there’s no cause for them to subscribe or to return returned.

It also confuses the hell out of Google. Is this a tracking website? A reading weblog? An exercising blog? These sites stand little chance of ranking for anything.

Instead, selecting a focused niche is essential (something I discuss in detail here). A personal weblog about a sprawling range of topics is all nice and correct as an interesting challenge, and your own family and buddies will probably enjoy reading it. Sadly, the possibilities are that few other humans ever will. Conversely, a reggae tune blog or area of interest on a health web page may want to attract a clear and awesome audience.

While this blogging mistake may additionally seem more associated with sites run by individuals, it also has a few validities for agencies. It makes it easier for organizations to ensure their blogs have a clear recognition that readers and search engines will apprehend.

2. Focussing TOO Much on Content

Surely a blog can not have an excessive amount of content?

Well, as long as the content is ideal, that is proper. However, an unusual mistake bloggers make is to pile on the content material because producing it is a more exciting undertaking than promoting it.

A key part of running a weblog is drawing humans to your posts. Whether that means guest posting, doing traditional PR, being active on social media, or maybe doing some paid merchandising, the vital issue is that you do virtually do it!

This isn’t unique to blogging. Many people in enterprises enjoy doing real work more than doing income, advertising, and marketing. However, being a blogger who does nothing, write a likely method presiding over a website with depressingly little traffic.

3. Providing a Poor User Experience

We all realize what it’s like to arrive on a website with a bad consumer interface: Excessive popups, badly selected fonts, and a negative mobile enjoy are all things that act as a large flip-off. They have us achieving the “Back” button.

It’s smooth to get over-excited on a blog, add plenty of functions and plugins, and overlook that people need to devour the content material without too many interruptions.

An accurate way to verify your consumer revel’s high quality is to ask humans what they think. You can survey existing readers, use professional internet sites, check out services, or ask a circle of relatives and buddies. If several human beings agree that something has to be modified, it’s wise to concentrate on them.

4. Excessive Selling

Often, muddles on a website result from excessive ads. It’s comprehensible that humans need to see a few profits from their blogs as speedy and viable. Still, with too many commercial methods, human beings are likelier to go elsewhere than earn masses of revenue.

The identical applies to excessive, “to your face” calls to motion. By all approaches, use a blog to promote merchandise; however, don’t make people experience that that’s your sole reason and that the weblog is only there as a cynical platform for a sales message.

Over-promoting is at least off-putting and, at worst, downright cheesy. Don’t do it!

5. Bad Formatting, Spelling and Grammar

Blog readers will forgive occasional typos and errors. But if the overall fine of the content is terrible, they don’t stick around.

While large corporations can rent replica editors, smaller bloggers don’t have that luxury. However, lots of gear is accessible – from spelling and grammar checkers in Word to services like Grammarly, which can provide more precise advice on enhancing content material.

When assessing the exceptional content material on your blog, that is every other area in which an outside opinion is essential. Whether this means a professional’s opinion or an honest friend, don’t anticipate the entirety as much as scratch until anyone confirms it!

Many blogs don’t prevail, but a few cross directly to a large hit. If you ensure you sidestep these commonplace errors, there is a far higher hazard of being in the 2nd class.


I have been working in the field of SEO and content marketing since 2014. I have worked with over 500 clients and more than 100 websites. I started blogging in 2012 and have now made my first steps into the world of freelancing. In my spare time, I like to read, cook or listen to music.