Google drops mobile app properties from GSC, reminds web page proprietors to eliminate G+ integrations

This week, Google dispatched out notifications to site owners, SEOs, and builders through Google Search Console, telling them that cellular app houses and Google+ internet integrations will no longer be supported.

Mobile app properties. In 2015, Google added the capacity to consist of your cellular apps, particularly Android apps, in Google Search Console. Starting in 2017, Google began transferring that functionality from Google Search Console to Firebase. As predicted, numerous GSC features are shutting down in March, and one of these functions is cellular app belongings help.

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Google sent an email to the ones who have app properties in Search Console that they will now not be supported in overdue March.

The mobile app electronic mail notification. The email says, “You are the owner of 1 or other cell app residences in Search Console. At the cease of March 2019, Search Console will stop assist for app residences.”

Google+ net integrations. Google+ is ultimately down quickly, at least the patron model of it, and, with that, the Google+ social sharing buttons will stop operating. Google despatched notifications to publishers who have Google+ buttons or any web integrations with Google+, telling them that they need to take away those integrations with the aid of March 7, 2019.

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The Google+ notification e-mail. Here is a duplicate of the email that says, “Google has announced that Google+ for customers can be sunset. As part of the sundown, all Google+ web integrations will prevent serving on March 7, 2019. This can affect website layouts and/or capability if no motion is taken using website proprietors.”

Why it matters. If you have any cellular app records within Google Search Console, you will want to export as much of it as you can earlier than it receives shut down. You may also want to don’t forget to integrate your apps with Google’s Firebase platform to get more functionality and records that you have been capable of getting inside the Google Search Console.

Also, if you are using Google+ on your internet websites, you’ll need to eliminate those dependencies by way of March 7.


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