Google Images & Video Search Have “Massive Potential,” Often Overlooked by SEOs

According to Google’s Gary Illyes, image and video seek are most usually unnoticed, and SEOs need to be paying more interest.

This is a topic that came up a couple of instances via his Reddit AMA on February 8.

In fact, Illyes started his AMA thread with the aid of mentioning: “Nowadays I’m focusing more on Google Images and Video.”

A Reddit user picked up on that statement and asked for extra facts about what’s on the way for picture search this yr.

Illyes spoke back, saying he can’t pre-announce something; however, media seek is “manner too not noted,” even on Google’s end.

How to Searching Video on Google | Google Video Search | Video Google Search

Google will be tasking extra engineers with working on media search this yr.

This topic becomes touched on again similarly down the thread when a Reddit person requested: “Is there anything that maximum search engine marketings have a tendency to miss/now not take note of?”

That’s while Illyes discovered that image and video seek are the most overlook by using SEO.

In his words: This topic became touched on again also down the thread while a Reddit user requested: “Is there whatever that most SEO’s generally tend to miss/not be aware of?”

That’s while Illyes discovered that photo and video seek are the maximum neglect by SEOs.

In his words:

A few other interesting bits of facts associated with pix were supplied at some point in the AMA.
Image Recognition is a Relevancy Signal

Illyes answered the subsequent question with an easy “Yea”:

What does that suggest for SEO?

Well, knowing that photo reputation is a relevancy sign, it would make the experience to apply pix more tactfully.

That way, the usage of snapshots that Google can easily understand as relevant to what’s being written about in a piece of content.

Perhaps that is going without saying. However, there’s often a bent to apply random pics and memes and GIFs to make content material extra engaging for readers.

Is Google capable of apprehending the relevance of those photographs? Probably no longer as smooth as something that’s extra trustworthy.
Web Accessibility is Not a Ranking Factor for Images and Video

While making pictures more accessible thru factors like alt text is recommended, it’s no longer an immediate rating element.

The following query changed into asked:

Illyes responded with: “Unfortunately, no.”

For greater perception from Google’s Gary Illyes, read the overall AMA here.

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