Google may want to soon deliver system updates through the Play keep

It looks as if Google can be running on a manner to trade how system updates are added to Android telephones. While users have lengthy needed to head into the Settings app to check for system updates, code discovered with the aid of 9to5Google shows that Google should soon supply updates to Android telephones via the Google Play keep.

If Google finally ends up making the alternate to how Android updates are driven, it’d in all likelihood look much like how updates are currently added — just in Google Play rather. The code notes that there’s a download button, an interface highlighting that the update is “Installing” and a message announcing “All appropriate! Update entire” whilst the update has finished putting in.

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The concept of delivering updates thru an app save isn’t absolutely new. That’s how Apple offers updates to Mac computer systems, and it’s a pretty user-friendly revel in. It’s probable Google is hoping that changing how updates are introduced to Android phones will make for a greater person-pleasant update revel in on Android.

In standard, Google is operating to make updating Android phones a painless process, and for right reason. Not only do you get new features with more moderen updates, but getting the cutting-edge updates additionally guarantees that you’re up to date on protection patches — with the intention to make it difficult for others to maliciously access your data or hack your device.

Google has also been running on Project Treble, which is geared toward helping Android tool producers launch Android updates quicker than they’re regarded to do. Often, manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei wait months to launch updates to Android telephones — and occasionally they bypass updates altogether. That can go away customers exposed to malware or hackers through bugs in Android code.

Apart from bringing Android updates to Google Play, Google may additionally be updating different factors of Google Play. According to 9to5Google, Google may be bringing its all-white subject matter to Google Play, as it has accomplished to more than a few different apps inside the past few months. Along with the all-white subject, Google additionally tends to provide apps dark modes — as greater black is better on battery for telephones with OLED monitors.

Just due to the fact code shows a trade is coming, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will pull the trigger at the features. Still, given Google’s tune document with the white theme and simplifying interfaces during the last few years, we virtually wouldn’t be surprised to look the new features within the near destiny.


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