Google System Updates Could Soon Be Downloadable From The Play Store

Google may quickly push out software updates immediately through the Play Store. As Android Headlines reports, such a technique now seems to be in an early checking-out phase.

It’s not clear just how enormous this cutting-edge experiment is or just how a long way along the function is in phrases of improvement. But a surge of customers has currently been reporting about it. Now, stay for a few Android Q users; The feature redresses software program updates as Play Store downloads, wherein updating one machine is as clean and intuitive as downloading an app.

Play Store Google System Updates

In a screenshot one of the users furnished, there is a notification for a “Google System Update” within the downloading technique. The information and the replacement came about a great deal in the identical way an app update or download could.

Once the download had been completed, the person defined it, and the tool automatically restarted and showed a “G symbol with a progress bar,” which the consumer regarded as much like “the only you get after a machine replacement.”


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This comes only a week after reviews announcing the cutting-edge version of the Play Store app contained references to “System Update,” which serves as similar evidence that that is certainly something Google has been operating to encompass.

How Android System Updates Currently Work

Right now, Android software program updates are a cluttered affair. Not all manufacturers adhere to Google’s speedy replacement guidelines. Sometimes, even foremost, agencies take some time earlier than pushing out updates. Samsung, for example, has been criticized for its turtle-paced implementation of Google’s new features.

Not only will this push software updates out faster, but it’ll also make the method less complicated to follow. Software updates either arrive as prompts or are buried deep in the Settings menu. If this new feature is applied, updating the system could be intuitive, streamlined, and absolutely smooth, favoring the much less tech-savvy obtainable.

Some unknowns remain of direction. For starters, gadget updates typically measure more than apps and video games, and it is hard to imagine this technique is best for his or her length. Also, it’s no longer clear if Google will put this option into effect in all phones, not just its Pixel handsets because it tends to do so.

In any case, it is an important experiment to yield appropriate effects, particularly for people who locate the update technique in large part convoluted. Google has been placing more recognition on speedier delivery of protection updates, which typically contain vulnerability patches or computer virus fixes. These might be Play Store-like app updates as an app instead of device updates.


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