How search engine marketing & PPC Keyword Research Can Work Together


A nicely-orchestrated PPC campaign can gain an awesome search engine marketing marketing campaign, as Sergey Grybniak explores in How to Combine SEO & PPC for More Powerful Results.

I adore it whilst a potential customer comes along who already has an active PPC campaign.

To me, this indicates matters:

They’re a serious commercial enterprise, investing cash in digital already and are probably to appreciate and recognize the “marketing blend.”
They already have had, at some level, keyword research finished for the campaigns and have statistics on what is/isn’t operating.
This is why I’m burdened when search engine marketing execs don’t like running with customers who do PPC.

Both facets can win. And whilst both facets win, the purchaser wins.

We can learn loads from studying each other’s records, concord, and from respecting the exclusive margins of blunders.

Whether it’s search engine marketing or PPC, we both use the identical search phrases, the same tools, and the identical Google SERPs, just in unique approaches and from one-of-a-kind views.


Search Intent Versus Search Volume
Over the years, SEO professionals have used PPC tools (e.G., Google Keyword Planner) to do keyword studies.

Search volume has emerge as a common metric covered in quite much every keyword research report. It’s additionally a metric recognised by means of many clients who’ve a primary knowledge of SEO.

I assume that search quantity is awesome to establish what some of the larger marquee phrases are, particularly whilst you’re just starting to paintings in a area or vertical that you haven’t formerly worked on.

However, seek volume is best one metric to take into consideration whilst optimizing a page or bidding on a key-word.

What’s a long way extra essential?



Because there’s little factor in ranking for a 50,000 search volume keyword if the motive is know-how discovery.

You’d be higher off targeting a 10,000 search quantity key-word if the purpose is commercial and “to shop for.”

This is something I’ve seen too often in customer PPC campaigns.

One example of cause not being catered for got here from a UK-based totally consumer I labored with who offered language courses.

In their PPC marketing campaign they had been bidding on phrases like [translations english to french], which inside the UK has a mean month-to-month seek quantity of a hundred and ten,000 (consistent with Serpstat).

They weren’t the handiest agency to be bidding at the word, but while you observe the anatomy of the SERP you may benefit some perception into the intent behind the question:


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