How to Make Money Blogging in 2019 (+Easy Ways to Start Today!)

The year is 2019. Influencers, bloggers, or even racist YouTubers are making money — tens of millions of dollars, sometimes — quit first.

Well, not anyone is always making hundreds of thousands. However, they could make loads of money, and you could, too!

Monetization techniques aren’t simply advertisements and sponsorships anymore, both. In fact, some aren’t even counting on the website builder software usually related to the gap. Internet personalities have revolutionized and accelerated the techniques for making money on their content material.

So, as soon as you’ve found out how to begin a blog, you have to start thinking about making cash. This article will cover how to monetize via advertising, promoting merchandise, affiliate marketing, and presenting services.

How to make money running a blog

Many internet personalities will use a mix of various monetization strategies instead of just counting on one. They prefer to cherry-pick alternatives that align greatly with what they can manage and are satisfactory for their logo. This outcome is a miles greater strong, assorted income movement. This is extra resilient to fluctuation.

Big disclaimer right here, friends: even though having a massive following to monetize a blog isn’t essential, having a huge fanbase and a thriving expert network will garner extra from the monetization solutions discussed right here.

However, bloggers who choose several options understand to make more money sooner than those who don’t rent any monetization strategies until they have a considerable readership. Bloggers who start early will be extra familiar with the trade tools and will usually give themselves more time to consider an extended-term monetization approach.



Advertising is the most famous monetization tool used by internet content creators. From YouTubers to bloggers, classified ads lend themselves to easy money from popular content. Since online marketing has become large, the technique to set up advertisements on maximum content sites has grown to be streamlined. There are a few one-of-a-kind approaches to advertising:

CPC, CPM, and CPA Ads

It’s not possible to go anywhere on the net without seeing an ad at this point in time. However, not all ads are created identically; information about their variations as a blogger is vital while considering which types to host on your website.

CPC (“value in line with the click on”) ads, sometimes referred to as PPC (“pay in keeping with a click”) services, are usually photographs inside the sidebar or header of a website. If the content is written, the ads can also appear among bodies of text. For this sort of ad, a quantity is paid whenever a visitor clicks the ad.

CPM (“cost in keeping with mile”) commercials paint further to CPC commercials in phrases in their look on a webpage, and a quantity is paid for every 1,000 impressions or times humans have clicked the ad.

CPA (“fee consistent with motion”) advertisements are a number of the least famous for content material creators because an advertiser ought to either obtain a sales lead or make a sale for the creator to make money on the advert. While this is a higher version for the advertiser, it could imply missed ad sales opportunities for content material creators.
In a few cases, commercial-based total monetization systems are constructed into a few platforms, significantly YouTube and WordPress.Com. However, there are extra hoops to leap through for creators to access that earnings circulation, and till they meet certain standards, like deciding to buy an advanced plan, the platform itself will acquire the rewards.

Alternatively, content material creators can flip to supply-side (SSP) platforms to monetize their website by selling advert areas in actual time.

Private advertisements and sponsorships

Popular content creators will regularly be approached without delay via advertisers if they force sufficient visitors. Content creators also have the option to contact advertisers themselves if they feel so inclined. Either way, operating immediately with advertisers removes the middleman and permits creators to set ad rates.

Private commercials are, in particular, famous in movies or podcasts, in which hosts can be heard verbally advertising a product or service before they start their show. However, it’s now not uncommon for bloggers or writers to shout out an advertiser in their works. This kind of dating may be a notion of sponsorship of sorts. Bloggers that advertise products or services sometimes host giveaways of something they’re marketing. (Who doesn’t love unfastened stuff?)

Selling products

As a staple of capitalist society, promoting products is a first-rate way to make money. Bloggers and influencers are acknowledged for advertising products; however, many also produce their own products depending on the content they’re identified for. Bloggers with massive followings have fanbases inquisitive about shopping for physical or digital merchandise they create.

With the arrival of Patreon and a similar fundraising software program, it’s less complicated than ever for net content material creators to host tiered club structures, with individuals at each level receiving one-of-a-kind merchandise. (If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it is a membership platform that permits artists to run a subscription content material carrier.)

While it was intended for artists, creators from each corner of the internet have observed approaches to applying Patreon, and with the correct motive. The platform changed to provide artists with a possible monthly income in return for things like exceptional virtual artwork, how-tos, or even training.

There are examples of every product kind underneath. However, creators should surely get innovative in their product advertising and marketing. Standing out and selling something particular is a terrific way to generate earnings and draw greater interest in your logo.

Physical products

Physical products

Everybody loves merch, and a big following can make physical merchandise a viable income circulation.

Merchandise — Many internet celebrities will begin producing merchandise related to their content material and objects like garb, mugs, and posters. Merch can serve a twin motive, each using revenue and serving as advertising.

Crafted goods — Many blogs are focused on art or different crafting pastimes. Well-regarded members within the area can put their items up for sale on their personal websites, e-commerce platforms, or marketplaces like Etsy.
Books — Plenty of bloggers come to be consolidating a number of their paintings and increasing them right into a complete, posted ebook. Similarly, sometimes artists will create bodily magazines or compilations of their images and distribute them both on- and offline.

Branded goods — It’s not uncommon for bloggers and influencers famous in specific spaces like makeup or fashion to begin producing their own traces after being critically successful. While this option commonly takes place after some time, it can cement a personality as an extra everlasting fixture within a space and as an expert.

Digital merchandise

Bloggers and artists are recognized for their digital bodies of work. Putting some of it up for sale or offering related virtual commodities looks like an appropriate segue into monetization.

EBooks — Many posted bloggers will offer eBooks instead of, or along, bodily copies of their books. EBooks are easier to deliver, considering the writer doesn’t fear generating, dispensing, or shipping a physical ebook.

Art — This alternative is specifically, and not notably, popular amongst creatives. While many artists will submit their paintings on blogs or online portfolios, they can also take commissions or promote premade works for private use.

Online lessons and publications — Online training, presented both in actual time or on call, can be a high-quality choice for well-known bloggers for being specifically right at their craft.
Apps, plugins, or themes — Many content creators are regarded for their coding or digital design prowess. Those designing subject matters, for example, will often place a watermark or a hyperlink to their website or the web page in the corner of their subject matter to draw visitors.
Exclusive podcasts or songs — Many podcasters or musicians will sell their works digitally. Others additionally provide different tracks or podcasts with a paid subscription plan or a one-time payment.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate advertising is the technique of income commissions for promoting every other individual or an organization’s products. It’s much like a sponsorship; however, in preference to being paid for a shout-out in a video or podcast, the content material author is paid for absolutely everyone mentions the services or products via a special banner, link, or promo code. Moreover, it’s a soothsayer to promote products or services that one has non-public experience with and may, therefore, properly vouch for his or her excellence.

Providing services

Popular content material creators turn out to be leaders in an area. As an end result, they can be requested to host a ramification of services to supplement the monetization options tied directly to their website or paintings.

Public talking and meetups — Content creators are frequently requested to talk at conventions and seminars. Those displays or talks are often recorded; posting them online can serve as a fantastic connection with their paintings and force more attention to them.
Workshops and instructions — While a few bloggers will turn to present online publications, a few choose to host them individually. The chance to satisfy a famous blogger and analyze them is much more attractive than simply viewing a recorded online seminar.

How long does it take to make cash running a blog?

That’s a difficult one-game.

A blogger, artist, or net character will want a huge and/or committed following to reliably make cash this way. It’s unrealistic to expect you’ll give up your day task after a few months of blogging. Some bloggers say that you should count on waiting for a year before creating a healthful full-time income — provided you’ve carried out a good activity monetizing your blog.

The time between starting your weblog and making first-rate cash with it isn’t clean. Making a residing off running a blog or creating content requires patience, creativity, and effort.


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