Social media is like looking to get as many human beings as viable to sign your yearbook. Human nature dictates that we have to care what people think of our social media presence. But it’s a little game that no one truly desires to play. The easy act of sharing photographs and videos with pals has morphed right into a most bizarre reputation contest that simplest serves to increase social media anxiety. When can we graduate from being concerned approximately being popular?

It could seem that the creators of the fundamental social media platforms understand they’re fueling an unhealthy obsession. Instagram is allegedly trying out a brand new function that hides likes altogether, reports Mashable. And in keeping with Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, there’s too much emphasis on the ‘likes’ amongst his platform’s customers.

Is Social Media Busting or Boosting Your Stress? | Everyday Health


Scientific studies display just how much social media impacts our mental health, directly correlating social media use and depression. It’s making us more stressed, too. Anecdotally, you’ve possibly felt social media anxiety at some unspecified time in the future. It’s been 15 mins, and this picture only has 3 likes—have I take it down?

Instagram screenshots advocate how the agency would possibly envision the app without likes. “We want your fans to focus on what you share, now not how many likes your posts get,” an in-app message says, along with the screenshots. Asked approximately this main alternate, a spokesperson advised Mashable that Instagram is “exploring approaches to reduce stress on Instagram.” This doesn’t mean you’ll completely miss out on tremendous remarks from your buddies (and randoms who observe you). While the number of likes wouldn’t show, it’d show the handles of some folks that did like it.

If this variation comes to fruition, believe what social media would possibly become. Would you still submit a lovely photograph of wildflowers, your pals, your matcha? Or might you actually maintain your telephone in your pocket and enjoy the enjoy.


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