Kids YouTube Star Blippi “Regrets” The Viral Video In Which He Poops All Over His Friend

Suppose you’ve encountered Blippi, the wildly famous YouTube children’s entertainer. In that case, you may disregard him as an eccentric 30-12 months-antique guy in an orange bow tie and shiny orange glasses, a guy in a blue and orange cap who dances wildly and speaks in a cloying, over-enunciated voice for youngsters on the net. But to a few-year-olds, Blippi is the Greatest Fucking Thing They Have Ever Seen, and they may cry and beg to see greater of Blippi’s adventures with tractors and hearth vans. This raw kinder-fervor Blippi cultivates among his fans that have grown his YouTube channel to a few. Five million subscribers.

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Blippi’s real call is Stevin John, and before he began appearing as a twee, 21st-century clown, he turned into a filmmaker in LA. He created comedy movies beneath the moniker “Steezy Grossman” (he modified his call legally from Stephen J. Grossman to Stevin John), which include low-finance, low-brow comedy movies with titles like “Turdboy” and “Underwear Man.” And Blippi is rarely John’s first brush with internet fame.

In a tough R–rated twist, in a 2013 video that BuzzFeed News has considered, Stevin “Blippi” John takes an explosive diarrhea shit on his nude pal’s ass in a truly shocking rendition of the “Harlem Shake” meme.

“Yes, I did make a gross-out comedy video after I became in my early twenties, long earlier than I started Blippi,” John said in a declaration to BuzzFeed News.

Everyone has a past — Blippi’s just takes place to contain a widely considered, comedic video of him taking a deuce on every other guy. Even in his former incarnation, Stevin John was destined for viral repute. However, no person may want to have foreseen the dancing poop man’s pivot to mainstream children’s leisure.

In a standard video, Blippi

— speaking at once to the digicam, straining to project a childlike marvel — explores such things as buses, excavators, and jungle animals. Each episode ends with Blippi encouraging younger visitors to ask a grownup to observe him on social media; ever beneficial, he spells out his call (“B-L-I-P-P-I!”). Clearly, he is aware of how to construct a following. The videos give up with Blippi’s subject matter music: “So a great deal to learn about / It’ll make you need to shout: Blippi!” The result is a uniquely millennial hybrid of Mister Rogers and Jake Paul.

On some level, Dad and Mom see Blippi — an innocent, academic show — as a welcome reprieve from the flood of low-exceptional lively youngster movies on YouTube or the annoying or exploitative movies centered on kids induced a crackdown via the platform remaining year. At the same time, as some might also have seen Blippi throw the primary pitch at a 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks sport, they’ve nearly definitely by no means heard of Steezy Grossman.

“My son is continually asking to test if there’s a brand new Blippi episode,” Joy Rumore, a tattoo artist residing in Los Angeles, advised BuzzFeed News.

“He uses places that the youngsters can relate to such as the supermarket, his domestic, parks, and many others…” said Michelle Davey, a figure who runs a parenting and lifestyle site, Cockney within the Countryside. “His songs are honestly catchy and now not to that point of annoyance.”The result is a uniquely millennial hybrid of Mister Rogers and Jake Paul.

The Blippi empire — based in a manufacturing and distribution warehouse in Las Vegas — is large. In addition to the main Blippi channel, which has almost three.6 million subscribers, there may be a Blippi Toys channel (mostly films of Blippi with toy vehicles or at a play health club, additionally over 3 million subscribers) and Spanish-dubbed Blippi (with nearly 4.3 million subscribers).

In his announcement to BuzzFeed News, John stated that the Blippi channels have a blended 7 billion perspectives and get around four hundred million views per month. YouTube advert payouts vary extensively, primarily based on more than one element, but, based totally on a returned-of-the-envelope calculation based on several YouTube quotes from Social Blade, that extent of site visitors may want to earn $ hundred 000 to $1.6 million according to the month in advert sales. Again, that is a rough guesstimate. The point is that the channel is doubtlessly very beneficial. John did not comment on Blippi’s advert sales.

Then there’s the dizzying array of Blippi’s professional merchandise: dolls, books, action figures, bikes, T-shirts, a duplicate of his hat, and glasses. There are Blippi celebration plates and decorations. There’s a licensing contract with K-Swiss to promote Blippi-branded powder blue and orange youngsters’ footwear. (Not to say a tremendous cottage enterprise of unauthorized “Blippi-inspired” products — blue and orange cake pops, knit caps, and tutus — that he doesn’t take advantage of.) It’s quite an empire to have evolved in only 5 short years.


The “Harlem Shake” meme went viral in early 2013. One person dances to the softer part of the techno song “Harlem Shake” by way of Baauer; then, while the beat drops, a jump reduction reveals an entire crowd of human beings dancing wildly, perhaps in costumes. WWE wrestlers did one, BuzzFeed staffers did one, the hosts of the Today display did one, and FCC Chair Ajit Pai did one to spell the end of net neutrality.

The entertainer then known as Steezy Grossman positioned his own spin on the meme: In “Harlem Shake Poop,” set in the interior of a sparse lavatory with a shower stall, you notice him sitting in the bathroom, pants down around his ankles. He’s sporting a tank pinnacle, sunglasses, and, for some motive, a bicycle helmet. He lightly shrugs his shoulders, rolling his fingers to the beat.

The beat drops, and all at once, the video cuts to Steezy standing sideways on top of the toilet seat, fully nude now except for the helmet and shades.

On the floor, a friend — whose identity isn’t known — leans towards the wall in a contorted shoulder stand, his head and neck on the bottom, his hips in the air, his legs dangling down. He is also absolutely nude except for goggles and a swim cap. A black bear has been edited over his genitals, blockading not only his penis and scrotum but also the total taint and b-hollow.

After some seconds of dancing in the bathroom, it happens. Steezy emits an explosive movement of shit, a cacophonous eruption that sends feces splattering throughout the room in a shotgun-like spray of poo pellets. Shit hits the wall, and the glass bathes the door and the floor. And a large chunk hits its supposed target: the unfold-cheeked ass of his buddy.

Steezy giggles and maintains dancing, as does his buddy — for some seconds, till you may listen to the unmistakable sound of gagging, though he by no means stops attempting to wiggle his legs in a dancing movement.

It is undeniably, unequivocally, fucking hilarious.

A legal professional for Stevin John sent BuzzFeed News a give-up and desist letter declaring his copyright on the video; we have created an artist’s rendition of a scene from it beneath.

Gross? Sure. But what we’ve here is a consensual, nonsexual poop comic story. No one was given hurt; it’s now not sexist or criminal or problematic; it’s just pure Jackass prank stupidity. If two adult guys want to take a crap on every difference for the sake of a viral video, I say god bless them.

“At the time, I concept this form of thing become humorous; truly, it becomes silly and tasteless, and I regret having ever accomplished it,” John said in his assertion to BuzzFeed News. “I’ve grown up plenty because then, and I consider people will see me because the individual I am now, now not the fool I become lower back then.”

“So tons to learn about / It’ll make you want to shout, Blippi!”

In interviews, John has said that the concept for Blippi came here from a love of a wonderful nephew, then coming across a void of stay-motion youngster content material on YouTube. This is wherein John — who lists “search engine optimization Specialist” among his former jobs on LinkedIn — had a bonus. While the programming that many millennials grew up on — Reading Rainbow or Sesame Street — changed into dispensed by using noticeably regulated networks, Blippi succeeds as it’s rewarded by the algorithm.

The videos were completely search engine–optimized and regularly came up in the direction of the top of searches for such things as “films for kids” or “tractors.” In an interview on a K-Swiss podcast, John said he used “commonplace search engine optimization, titles, descriptions, tags” to construct his target market. With high view counts and a deep catalog of films on famous kids’ subjects, Blippi will likely be revealed in YouTube’s guidelines sidebar. If autoplay is on, there is a good risk that Blippi will display up finally if you’re looking at children’s films, which is what many find out about him.

“I bet he is a bellwether for where media is headed,” stated Antonio García Martínez, a former Facebook govt, writer, and determine. “We’ve lost any notion of collective social virtue curated by responsible elites.”


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