Laughing off criticism, Maxime Bernier eager to hit the campaign trail

A harsh snowstorm had engulfed Toronto, with colleges remaining and personnel working from domestic. But there was Maxime Bernier, bounding out of a cab — no gloves, no hat — letting the snow hammer him as he fought his manner beyond the heavy winds and through the revolving doors of Postmedia HQ.

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That defiant mindset has come in reachable months after Bernier became the leader of the brand-new People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

End company welfare. Reduce immigration. Stop overseas useful resources. Pull out of the Paris climate agreement. These are the issues Bernier’s plans to move tough on between now and the election in the hopes of pulling the electorate far from the popular events.

While a few say we’re handling a special Mad Max — unhinged, unreasonable — there are not lots different from the man these days from who he turned into two years ago, when he narrowly lost the Conservative Party of Canada leadership to Andrew Scheer.

The essential distinction is the sell. He’s still confident in his pitch. However, you could tell he knows he’s selling an extended shot and trying to persuade you otherwise.

“It’s an extensive mission,” Bernier admits; however, he brags about putting collectively 338 driving institutions. “We did that earlier than the cease of December… I didn’t expect to have, after five months, more than 35,000 contributors and riding associations throughout the United States.”

While more modest objectives could be for the PPC to persuade the first events, Bernier thinks he has a shot at joining their ranks, citing the procession route of Emmanuel Macron as an instance.

“Macron turned into Socialist [the governing party] 11 months earlier than the presidential election,” says Bernier. “He quit his birthday celebration, fashioned a brand new celebration, and now he’s president of France.”

While Bernier’s no Trudeau fan, the flesh-presser he criticized most became Scheer. “If you’re a real conservative who believes in unfastened markets, you should be towards the cartel of supply control, you have to be against crony capitalism, you must be in opposition to company welfare. But he’s not,” Bernier says of the modern-day Conservative leader.

He even accuses Scheer of copying him, like how Bernier’s antagonistic Canada signed the UN’s Global Compact for Migration before Scheer did. He chalks this up to his perception that the Tories come up with their ideas through polling instead of going with their intestine.

“That’s their manner of doing politics,” says Bernier. “We don’t do any polling. It’s all based on our standards.”

Bernier also doesn’t care about the mini-scandals that occasionally cover his social media posts and the human beings around him. When challenged on some recent headlines, he laughs it off.

“It’s all farce. It’s all ridiculous,” Bernier says of issues raised with the aid of B’nai Brith Canada that a top consultant of his made anti-Semitic and offensive writings in the latest years. Bernier claims it’s all taken out of context. “In this celebration, there’s no place for racist humans… I said that within the starting.”

He likewise shrugs off the grievance he’s acquired for tweets that have generated an online complaint. “I’m guffawing on the left about cultural appropriation and political correctness,” he says.

Bernier tours the city to canvass in the York Simcoe by-election when he leaves the construction. A hard slog, lower back out within the blustering snow.


If something takes place and we have the stability of power, they will move and take some of our regulations if they want our support. That will be a condition.


We must return to having equal numbers of immigrants below Stephen Harper – 250,000 a year on immigration. We’re the best party that wishes fewer immigrants.


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