Muslimah’s Voice: The Act of Blogging Lies

My spirit became down on this vibrant bloodless Wednesday morning. I kept replaying extraordinary the scenarios in my head. I couldn’t believe what had transpired the afternoon before. Why? I couldn’t pray, suppose or do anything. I became in a daze. My mum checked up on me several instances. However, I just faked sleep. I didn’t want to speak to every person or answer any questions. Everyone become blowing up my cellphone to hear the gist or offer my mind and prayers, however, I didn’t need it. I took my tub, wore all black to fit my temper, then proceeded to paintings at 7 AM.

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I had a six sigma week-lengthy exceptional schooling that began at 8.30 AM however I couldn’t convey myself to wait at home. I wanted to be alone, but my parents saved spying on me. They thought I would harm myself. I drove around and made some stops; however, I simply couldn’t consciousness. I knew I became in nobody of thoughts to attend any satisfactory training, so I drove domestic. On getting to the privacy of my bedroom, I googled the incident “Maechelli murdered.” What I noticed blew my thoughts. Before intending, permit me to offer a little background.

Michelle and I commenced our friendship for the duration of our new process orientation (How I met Michelle). We had just been established for an engineering function at a manufacturing firm, and we were rental looking. This became Maechelli’s first solo condominium. She had currently graduated from college wherein she shared an area with 4 other ladies. She became satisfied to depart that crazy existence and excited to move into an apartment alone. She located a newly constructed condominium which met all her requirement, besides the cost.

Our plan became to get a 1-bed-1-bathtub condominium, but due to a loss of availability, we diverted. Michelle turned into searching right into a 2-mattress-2-bath condo which was $1200/monthly. With her profits, she may want to in all likelihood afford an apartment around that price variety. However, it changed into hard coming from a value-powerful background to justify spending over three times her antique rent fees. The shared student rent changed into about $three hundred-$four hundred. I understood the rationale. She dragged this decision for about a month however succumbed whilst not anything changed into imminent. She determined to get the 2-mattress and discover a roommate to lease out one-room/tub. Having a roommate wasn’t my distinctiveness. I argued my point, however, respected hers. We truly differed while it came to the love of the private area. After numerous consultation, paranoia, and prayer, the first roommate moved in. Boundaries and rules have been set. The occupant had separate rooms and restroom at the exceptional side of the rental. The best shared the kitchen and residing room. There was no trouble with the roommate, simplest that he was male. Mixed rooming is a common exercise in America.

About 12 months later, my friend Michelle became searching out some other roommate. The vintage roommate needed to relocate for paintings. I attempted my convincing magic again; however, my friend explained how an awful lot she saved from getting a roommate. I respected her needs. She searched and located the calm looking engineer who later killed her. He went crazy sooner or later and stabbed her to loss of life. We in no way knew he was hospitalized for mental fitness issues in every other nation previous to moving. The heritage check came returned squeaky easy, and the truth that he worked for the country department got us assured. Unfortunately, we didn’t expect the outcome.

Let’s get returned to the brilliant cold Wednesday.

The things I noticed on google made me dissatisfied inside the human race. There had been lots of variations of what sincerely took place. I knew most of what befell due to the fact I was close to Michelle. The neighbourhood newspaper caught to the fact even as the Nigerian bloggers fabricated lies. I noticed stories about how she changed into courting the roommate. The jealous lover story. The unfastened wayward lady tale. My heart sank. I glanced through the remark section and read feedback from her sister trying to set the blogs instantly. I had to send her a textual content asking for that she stopped. On one aspect, I understood the want to shield one’s very own, but however, I don’t trust in feeding the weeds.

Michelle was slandered lots, and he or she wasn’t even there to defend herself. A month after, her body becomes sent to Nigeria for burial rites. The priest presiding at her funeral gave his sermon based at the lies that were written at the blogs. It was very embarrassing for the circle of relatives. They lost now not simplest their daughter, however, her popularity on that day. Everyone who knew this woman should testify to her impeccable character, but individuals who didn’t recognize her felt it was suitable to slander her.

Why is it okay to slander human beings? Are we so morally bankrupt that we can maintain ourselves to certain requirements? Does the affection of cash rob us of our feelings of proper and incorrect? Does making a mockery of others assist us in feeling higher about ourselves? How do we sleep at night time knowing our lies might be placing others in chance? What does it take to confirm facts? Are we pronouncing one has to slander humans to make it as a blogger? Would the luxurious objects offered from human beings’ ache offer everlasting peace?

Islam defines slandering as one of the dangerous and famous corruptions of the tongue. There is a Quran verse that warns against slandering and warns of stiff punishment for this motion. Quran (49:12) likened slandering to eating the flesh of his dead brother. Another Hadith states that all of us that well-known shows the name of the game affairs of another, God shall reveal his own secret affairs and scandalize him in his very own house. Abou Saeid narrated from the Prophet that slander is worse than adultery. This is because adultery can be forgiven with repentance to God, but slandering requires forgiveness from the opposite birthday celebration who won’t be familiar. Slandering hinders recognition of prayers and destroys right deeds.

The manner social media has made news on hand is the equal manner it has made gossip accessible. With the press of a button, the incorrect facts can cascade to multiple human beings. With the help of social media likes, tweet, broadcast, and program, records could unfold to masses of human beings within a few minutes. Who should be held accountable for peddling lies? Is it the only that shares the gist with a chum after reading it from some other or the one that shared it on social media to others, or is it the only who wrote the preliminary message? In the present day, Nigerian society, no one is held responsible. It’s a society wherein anyone is hustling without being held to any ethical popular.

In Islamic doctrine, all and sundry responsible for sharing the lies might additionally percentage in the sin; from the originator to the ultimate character. However, the originator shares in each participant’s sin. He/she shares in the sins of those concerned, the unfavourable impact of the ‘gist’ and he/she might account for it on judgment day. Everyone might account for stocks and retweet on judgment day. Technology has made existence clean for us, it has also made the direction to Jannah extra tough.

There are excuses that maybe the originators had no concept; the records was a lie. The Quran states “O you who trust! If a faasiq (liar — evil man or woman) involves you with any information, verify it, lest you should damage humans in lack of information. In a while, you become regretful for what you have got completed” [al-Hujuraat 49:6]. It is crucial to verify everything we hear to avoid peddling lies. If the statistics aren’t verifiable or there’s a tiny threat of uncertainty, stay silent. A Hadith narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “It is enough sin for a man to speak of the entirety that he hears.” Al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 2025.

I additionally heard excuses from people that blogging is an enterprise that must yield earnings. Of what use is income whilst it comes at a totally excessive price of internal relaxation or peace? Any income-making scheme on other people’s ache and the key is handiest for a limited time and could have future results. Remember, the only who exposes others’ secrets and techniques will constantly be uncovered. We upward push by way of lifting others and now not stomping on them even as they’re down.

There is a popular announcing in my office: “Trust however affirms.” I paintings in an aerospace firm, and the result of incorrect information may be catastrophic. Regardless of who offers the data, one is responsible for either fallout or reward due to the utility. Appending your signature makes you chargeable for any damage. No matter how tons accept as true with we’ve got in the source of Information, we must always verify. This is likewise supported through the Islamic doctrine.

Regardless of one’s religion or race, it’s far crucial to by no means lose sight of one’s ethical code and essence. Every day I ask myself, how I could have felt if I were in Michelle’s circle of relatives shoes? I want the peddlers would get a taste of their personal medicine so they might feel how an awful lot it hurts.


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