Navigation Removal Trick Impacting Google Rankings Algorithm?

I agree with his call, Alexander, a search engine marketing. In this morning’s video hangout, I asked John Mueller of Google if Google is aware of a trick some sites are using to fight any negative impact from the August 1st medic update. John became unaware and confused with the method’s aid, saying he would best see a disadvantage to casting off a domain’s navigation in phrases of how it’d harm the website’s rating in Google.

The query came up 31 seconds into the video. He essentially asked if Google became aware of this navigation elimination trick some SEOs were the use of. They may do this to preserve PageRank and link weight on precise pages. In reality, he stated the simplest way to navigate some of these websites is to click from web page to web page, one by one, developing a terrible consumer experience.

I never heard of this, but it would not imply this isn’t floating around.

John said he’ll investigate this if he might percentage extra information; however, primarily based on everything he knows, doing away with navigation, even when you have an XML Sitemap, can cause huge trouble for ranking in Google.

John Mueller:

I do not think that could be that beneficial for a website. Yeah, I suppose it’s one of those matters where there may be a few misconceptions. But essentially, if there is no inner linking inside the internet site, it’s tough for us to move the website slowly, and even with a sitemap file, it is hard for us to index that content well.

So, I assume there would best be downsides in case you didn’t have any inner navigation. So, from that factor of view, I don’t think the person’s experience would be the first issue I could worry about as a website owner. If I cast off the user revel in I, suppose like in inside seek, lots of factors would simply not work, and they might otherwise with internal linking.

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Alexander: Well, numerous competitors are doing that. And when I saw some tests on that field there, I assumed that even a few massive names are looking to reflect the same technique without being too obvious. So they dispose of most of the maximum of their navigation factors and leave only the class block as an instance, and they haven’t any kind of search on their website. So, navigating is absolutely tough, and you have a hundred pages to navigate separately to reach the right web page. And it is bad for consumers, so I suppose it will be higher if Google places the usability in terms of navigating through the website. Because there’s undoubtedly a fashion there, I understand that fashion. I know why they’re doing that. So I assume that Google must check that thing for positive. It’s now not a fable. Humans are doing that now on a large scale.

John Mueller: If you can send me a few examples, I’d want to take a glance. Because in trendy, if you cast off the inner navigation, I most effectively see downsides just like the ordinary search things because we can not skip any PageRank through the pages.

Alexander: Exactly.

John Mueller: And finally, all of the pages get lost. So, it’s no longer something I might see as a bonus. So I don’t know. I’m happy to take a look. I am always curious to peer what human beings are.


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