New Data Shows How Much SEOs are Charging for Services in 2019

A look at digital advertising pricing indicates how much search engine marketing experts and agencies are charging for their offerings in 2019.

Credo posted the findings of a pricing survey that was finished via 271 advertising and marketing organizations and specialists.

The survey aims to discover the industry average for digital marketing offerings, mainly in the US and UK.

The survey contains questions like:

What’s the minimum you charge for a mission?
What is your common hourly charge?
How a lot do you rate for a month-to-month retainer?
The survey results are broken down into chapters committed to specific digital advertising and marketing regions.

I’ll summarize key takeaways associated with search engine optimization companies and specialists in this text.

Search engine marketing business enterprise and representative rates
Hourly Rates
In the US, a full seventy-one search engine optimization corporations fee between $ hundred and one-$two hundred per hour, substantially better than the worldwide common.

When searching worldwide numbers, the handiest number is 22.Seventy-five% of businesses charge between $one and zero one-$200 per hour.

Most search engine marketing businesses (eighty-three) have global prices below $2 hundred per hour, with 30.98% charging $ 101-$ one hour.


The common search engine optimization consultant hourly charge international as of January 2019 is $148, consistent with the hour.

In the USA, 75. Forty-two search engine marketing consultants charge between $a hundred and one-$two hundred in line with an hour.

Minimums for single initiatives

Almost half (forty-nine. Fifty-nine) of respondents worldwide say they’d do a single undertaking for much less than $2,000.

That’s close to forty percent of US respondents who said the identical.

On the higher end, 20% of search engine optimization international companies no longer take projects for less than $5,000.

Worldwide, maximum SEO specialists (29.89%) say they rate a minimum of $1,000-$1,999 or an unmarried venture, which is, in reality, the same as what maximum US respondents (31.  %) said.

Minimum month-to-month retainer

Worldwide, maximum search engine optimization organizations (25.81%) charge a minimal monthly retainer of less than $1,000.

SEO experts charge a piece more monthly retainers, with 32.18% of world respondents announcing their minimum is between $1000-1,999.

In the US, the maximum number of search engine marketing experts (36.17%) charge at least $ thousand-1,999 for a monthly retainer.


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