Original Chromecast now not receiving most important updates

Google added us all to the Chromecast Lower back in 2013, allowing us to, without problems, che,aply play movies and more on our TV using our phones. Since then, the employer has released the 4K Chromecast Ultra, the audio-handiest Chromecast Audio, and two hardware refreshes in 2015 and 2018. It seems that, after six years of service, Google is beginning to wind down its help for the unique, first-technology Chromecast by discontinuing important updates.

As the call would advise, on the coronary heart of each Chromecast is the Google Chrome browser, which connects to the internet to flow the page or video you requested. Like every different platform, this underlying Chrome browser wishes to be up to date, and this is executed through everyday firmware updates.
Take a quick gander at the Google Support web page detailing the newest firmware version available for every Chromecast device. Yyou’ll probably note that the original Chromecast is on a much decreased update than the alternative devices. While all the other Chromecast hardware is on version 1. Forty.156414, the first Gen Chromecast, has all the manners returned on model 1.36.157768. Looking at Chromecast firmware’s “Preview Program” variations paints an even worse photo.

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Remaining on an older firmware model could confirm that the authentic Chromecast will not see any new feature updates that can arrive on its more recent siblings. We requested Google to verify whether the original Chromecast might stay up to date, and they had this to percentage.
Chromecast is currently celebrating its 6th birthday. We’re thrilled that many of our earliest adopters are still participating in the first-generation device, and we continue to update it with bug and security fixes.

Using data from WhatIsMyBrowser.Com, we recognize that the center portion of the Chromecast firmware model number more or less indicates which model of Chrome is used. For instance, 1.36 is based on Chrome 70, the same time as 1.  Fortyvariations better — uses Chrome seventy-four.
Based on this, it seems that updates for the unique Chromecast will likely remain based on Chrome 70, which’s already drawing near 12 months of vintage going ahead. Google might also, in reality, patch any necessary protection fixes into the older model of Chrome while updating to hold the original Chromecast jogging thoroughly and without main security problems, just like the one we saw closing 12 months ago.

Owners of the original Chromecast can take comfort in the reality that, regardless of no longer receiving the most important updates, Google gave no indication that it would quit paintings any time soon. To stay up to date, you should simply not forget to get a more modern version to take gain of factors like 1080p resolution and the ability to be a part of a speaker organization.


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