Palestinians name for int’l aid to prisoners in Israeli jails

The Palestinians called for an international guide to prisoners who face sick remedies and inhumane incarceration situations.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry urged the High Contracting Parties to the four Geneva conventions to shoulder their criminal responsibility and honor their responsibility underneath the global law to provide the Palestinians, especially kids, with safety.

The ministry is also known for taking important measures to preserve Israel as an occupying strength, responsible for its crimes, and persevered against Palestinian human beings.

According to the state-of-the-art information launched by way of the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC), there are currently five,700 Palestinians in Israeli jails, consisting of 250 youngsters, 47 girls 500 underneath administrative detention.

In its brand new file, the PPC stated that the Israeli unwell treatment of Palestinian prisoners is “grave and systematic violations of international legal guidelines,” adding that Israel neglects honest trial according to worldwide humanitarian law and human rights ideas.

US slams Israel's treatment of Palestinian prisoners | The Times of Israel

It urged the international community to “straight away intrude to fulfill its felony and moral responsibilities closer to Palestinians and hold Israel responsible for its each day crimes.”

The overall quantity of Palestinians arrested because 1967 has reached one million, adding that Israeli “systematic scientific negligence” of prisoners has brought about the demise of 218 Palestinians in custody in view that 1967.

The Palestinian National Council, which is taken into consideration by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) parliament, has declared April 17 as a country-wide prisoners’ day because 1974, an afternoon to unite efforts in a guide of the prisoner’s plight for freedom.


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