PPC calls for RFP for 3 plots of land

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Port Commission (PPC) asks for a request for thought (RFP) to broaden three land plots below, a 30 rent to liberate their values.

The plots are in Tanjung City Marina, measuring about hectares, and Jalan Anson (0.6ha) on the island and Jalan Chain Ferry (1.8ha) on the mainland.

The Tanjung City Marina within George Town’s Unesco World Heritage website has been deserted since 2014.

It was constructed at a fee of RM43 million in the early 2000s by using the then-federal authorities to rejuvenate the previous Church Street Pier.

The different plots of land used to website PPC’s club homes.

Newly-appointed PPC chairman Jeffrey Chew Gim Eam stated a few worries raised approximately plots of land owned by PPC that have been left without development in terms of development. Therefore, PPC announced the RFP nowadays.

“They had been left too lengthy…And while you depart something for too long…They will begin to degrade. It gets too expensive to restore, and the interesting events slowly flow away.

“Because of that, we need to address this quickly. We consider that we should liberate their values.” Chew told reporters here these days.

The RFP is open to all interested events, locals, foreigners, or joint ventures. The RFP files can be acquired for RM1,000.

Chew stated the RFP for the Tanjung City Marina land would come near at noon on December eleven.

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He said the ones interested in broadening the land need to first behavior feasibility and look at the website’s suitability.

“Bear in mind that this place is considered a heritage area, and many items must be historical past-compliance.

“They ought to undergo the local council. So, the ones interested can’t certainly say they want to construct a ten-story building there,” he said, including that the ones fascinated to broaden the land no longer necessarily needed to revive it as a marina.

“Our aspiration is that this. The Swettenham Port is an in-depth task; right now, the cruise liners are bringing many travelers into the area.

“So, any development has to complement the pier and be in keeping with its direction. We aren’t awaiting other development styles there,” he referred to.

He said redevelopment charges for the marina might be between RM80 million and RM90 million.

As for the Jalan Anson and Jalan Chain Ferry plots of land, the RFP will close midday on July 11.

Chew said the Jalan Anson land, in a top vicinity, waszoned for institutional use, wmeaningthat whatever was not 100 apercent business may be considered, including schools or hospitals.

“I was getting calls, enquiring approximately this piece of land from an institution of better learning. For the Jalan Chain Ferry land, it is presently surrounded by residential units,” he said.


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