PPC’s condition threatens the electricity enterprise

Leading figures inside the energy market paint a bleak photo of the industry, sounding the alarm about the sustainability of Public Power Corporation and the destiny of the sector.

PPC has failed to collect debts over two.Five billion euros from unpaid electricity bills, even as its fees do not replicate production costs, the marketplace specialists look at.

Therefore the dominant participant within the market is operating on losses and withholding coins from the community operators simultaneously, thereby spreading its liquidity troubles to the complete energy market.

If that isn’t always resolved, and if PPC cannot prevent being loss-making, the market can’t open up, the enterprise’s leaders warn.

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That trouble,

combined with the absence of a solid regulatory framework for the marketplace’s operation as anticipated, it could evolve right into a time bomb for the whole electricity industry, they say.

This became the stressful conclusion that the representatives of personal energy manufacturers and providers and PPC itself reached for the duration of their participation in a panel dialogue approximately the liberalization of the energy market on Thursday in Athens.

The panel similarly agreed that electricity auctions do no longer help strengthen competition, even as the problem of opportunity providers’ get right of entry to hydroelectric plant life becomes also raised.


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