President Energy to deliver $50m work programme in 2019/2020 (PPC)

President Energy (LSE: PPC) showed info on its paintings program for 2019/2020 in Monday’s announcement. The firm plans to spend around $50m on the program, which believes it could fund existing cash flow. The program consists of methods to drill 15 new wells and to perform around 20 workovers.

In large part, the President’s operations focus on Argentina’s belongings, with it exiting 2018 with the production of around 3300 barrels of oil equivalent in line with day (boepd). That discern represented a year-on-yr increase of more than 50 and exceeded the employer’s unique target of 3,000 boepPresident aims to supply a similarly 50 percent boom in yr-on-year manufacturing through the 2019/2020 program’s cease.

Over the next few months, the firm plans to finish a minimum of ten workovers in Puesto Flores Estancia Vieja, Puesto Prado, and Las Bases. A rig has been mobilized to the first proper location.

President Energy to supply $50m work programme in 2019/2020 (PPC). - Seo Search

Renovation and commissioning of the oil remedy plant in Puesto Prado by way of May’s give-up will allow oil deliveries from the sphere directly to local refineries’ growing margins. The agency will then recognize upgrading the gas plant in Las Bases to increase its capacity more than ten-fold to 250k cubic gas meters. President plans to drill around seven new manufacturing and appraisal wells in the year’s second half. The organization will even commission an electricity technology plant to strengthen Puesto Flores from gasoline at Estancia Vieja, promoting surplus electricity to the grid.

Next year, the President will drill eight further wells across Las Bases, Puesto Prado, Estancia Vieja, and Puesto Flores and around 8 workovers. A 2nd phase of upgrading Las Bases is likewise planned in 2020, growing its potential to a million cubic meters of gasoline. President’s percentage price has declined since the start of 2018 while. It became around 12.5p. Today, the percentage fee is 7.25p, equating to a Market Cap of around £80.5m.


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