Seven Years Of Blogging

Remember blogging? It was merely massive again in 2005. My wife and her journalist buddies all took it up. And ultimately I did too — a chunk more than per week before Christmas that 12 months. A yr later I got onto Scienceblogs. And take a look at me now, seven years down the running a logline. Still taking part in myself! Traffic has been down considering we upgraded to WordPress again in spring, but it is slowly recuperating.

Are you continue to doing belongings you began in 2005, Dear Reader? What things?

Award Turns Six
Yesterday the twenty-ninth become Aard’s sixth birthday, but I turned into busy making Småland elk meatball lasagna and playing board games so I forgot to publish. The State of the Blog is ideal, and I have masses of yr-quit entries to jot down, as well as a stack of archaeology to comment on, and with a bit of luck, I will get them…
I become going to put in writing a post, but then I didn’t sense find it irresistible
Is it just me, or have a few science blogs been running out of steam these days? I recognize in advance this year we had some humans (both on their blogs or privately) explicit that they had been considering giving up blogging to pay attention to other matters. I haven’t been paying attention for that lengthy,…

Go On Till You Come to the End; Then Stop
ScienceBlogs is coming to an give up. I don’t know that there has been ever a clearly important announcement of this, but the bloggers were given email a while again letting us realize that the web site can be final down. I’ve been genuinely getting crushed between work and the e book-in-progress and getting Charlie the…
Enjoy a pleasant cold Pepsi nowadays
And while you’re doing that, I even have answered the Monday Mystery again at my tried and original WordPress blog. I might be running a blog on the old digs for the following few days till I actually have had time to digest the unfortunate recent activities right here at Scienceblogs. What’s taking place? I’ll allow my amazing siblings…


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