Shopee Malaysia takes jab at Lazada with cheeky Valentine’s Day video

Shopee Malaysia has taken a cheeky swipe at Lazada Malaysia with its Valentine’s Day video to promote its contest that permits customers to win a date with their loved ones. Eagle-eyed purchasers would possibly have noticed that the concept at the back of Shopee’s state-of-the-art video is fairly just like Lazada’s “Slash,” the Leng Chai Lunar New Year video released in advance this year. Lazada’s “Slash” the Leng Chai campaign allowed clients to hire a boyfriend and spend time with senior citizens at a nursing home for a reunion luncheon.

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Much like Lazada’s video,

Shopee’s spot also begins with close-up photographs of their spouse and children, bombarding the protagonist with questions about her love existence and the sort of guy she fancies. One even stated, “Eh, Shopee can purchase boyfriend, ah?” This changed into accompanied by using subtitles which include “Later ask boyfriend questions once more…sib eh sien ah”, “Where can? ‘Slash’ additionally cannot Los Angeles…” and “Wah this video promote ‘Kao Kao. ‘”

The scene then cuts to the protagonist bringing home a boyfriend throughout Valentine’s Day, lots to her relatives’ wonder. Shopee then seized the opportunity to poke at Lazada using the subtitles “Wink so powerful, real boyfriend now not the renting boy one leh” and “We greater atas for, use DSLR one.”

In the video, the boyfriend kneels down and asks the protagonist’s grandmother to be his valentine. This was additionally observed by using the subtitles “No need go vintage oldsters domestic, spend excellent time with them. Sayangi-lah orang team.” and “Ini Baru Sayang sebenarnye, don’t want to lie and lease a boyfriend.”

In an announcement to A+M, Shopee’s spokesperson stated it wanted to tackle a funny and memorable method and noticed the possibility of replying to Lazada’s “Slash” the Leng Chai Lunar New Year video without being disrespectful. “It was a lightbulb moment. The parody becomes merely banter. No malice turned into intended,” the spokesperson stated.

It desired to project the limits of what the Valentine’s Day birthday celebration is all about. On the economic front, Shopee’s spokesperson stated that the party particularly targeted romance. However, it desired to introduce love and appreciation in all loved ones, be they friends, partners, mothers, fathers, or grandparents.

According to the spokesperson, the group was given the most effective much less than a week to ideate and finalize the storyboard before it went ahead with the video’s manufacturing. As with most of our classified ads and videos, the concept got here from the internal advertising group.

Shopee’s Valentine’s Day video is a lead as much as the opposite tasks underneath its Valentine’s Day birthday celebration campaign. The spot was released to offer a holistic feel-true revel in interacting and attracting customers first with a terrific chuckle followed through several other activities and specifically curated content material.

“The most effective form of advertising and marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. The question is how to get people to talk about you? As a younger brand, a laugh, and most currently verified to be sophisticatedly witty, the foundation came from our aspiration to capture all Malaysians’ attention. This could then translate into true and long-term logo affinity. It can’t constantly be about income and reductions, awhichmeans injecting actual human feelings iintoour advertising efforts,” Shopee’s spokesperson added.

Responding to the video in an announcement to A+M, Lazada Malaysia’s CMO Andrew Gnananantham said, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” The company is honored that its Lunar New Year campaign is getting a lot of fanfare, along with inspiring the replica by using Shopee.

“In today’s international, brands are vying for limited attention, and it has become increasingly tough to be unique. Manufacturers need strict inner governance on authenticity throughout all commercial enterprises. At Lazada, we’re proud to be constantly innovating, and we look ahead to growing more enticing campaigns for our clients,” he said.

According to statistics from Meltwater, some of the trending issues of Shopee’s marketing campaign encompass “Sky Malaysia enjoy,” “lucky couples,” “genuine love,” “away from the suitable date,” and “general of 16 tickets”. Mirah Mahmood, nearby director of media, answers Meltwater stated that competing brands duking it out and making a laugh of every other is nothing new. Still, with social media, those interactions unfold in actual time and to a completely extensive, very responsive target audience.

“Brands that engage in those kinds of exchanges online need to be nimble to reply quickly and get the maximum out of the instant,” Mahmood stated.

Meanwhile, records from Digimind showed that most public chatter about #ShopeeMyValentine on social media came from influencers, many of whom compared the video to Lazada’s, however, without ever explicitntioning Lazada. An apartment boyfriend’s idea for festive events like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day garnered focus in these posts.

According to Digimind, a deeper look into remarks on those posts shows that most fans did not remark further on the similarities between the movies. However, some human beings stated that the Shopee video became funny, with many human beings guffawing emojis. Among the list of trending topics diagnosed with the aid of Digimind have been “Slash the,” “funnier,” “leng chai video,” “Yasmin Ahmad,” and psst.”


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