The Flacco Factor, the Cowboys, and Dak Prescott

John Elway, GM of the Denver Broncos, made the most important headlines of the week inside the NFL (thus far, as a minimum) in arranging an exchange with the Baltimore Ravens for former beginning QB and Super Bowl champ, Joe Flacco. While one connection to the Dallas Cowboys has already been talked about, the effect of this exchange is going a long way beyond the day Elway stored the Cowboys from the in all likelihood massive mistake of drafting Paxton Lynch.

What the Cowboys stumbled upon while Dak Prescott was missing in action -  Blogging The Boys

That became, of a path, the draft where Dallas drafted Dak Prescott after “missing out” on Lynch (and latter Connor Cook) before “settling” for the person who has been the starting quarterback each sport of his quick profession. It became one of the greatest drafts steals ever, especially while you keep in mind the go back on funding. Prescott has been the least steeply-priced starting QB inside the league on account that joining the Cowboys, each in real dollars and cap area. He has been instrumental in two NFC East titles and won a playoff spot. That, as they are saying, is giant. Now, the crew goes all-in on him with the promotion of Kellen Moore as the new offensive coordinator, and the addition of quarterbacks educate Jon Kitna.

Soon, they need to work out a brand new contract for Prescott – and it’s miles going to be large. There are masses of different reasons (as has also been covered), but the arranged trade for Flacco (which can’t definitely take place until the start of the new NFL year on March 13 at four pm ET) is one more little bit of evidence.

The willingness of Elway to collect him is proof that there are actually not enough true NFL starting quarterbacks to go round. And that means that to have one, you have to be inclined to pay him very well after his rookie deal expires.

Choosing Flacco as the answer to his personal group’s quarterback woes (at least inside the quick-time period) has been seen as merely the modern-day in a sequence of awful picks at the placement by Elway. However, that doesn’t invalidate the want involved. If you don’t have a quarterback, your group is going nowhere. The most effective exception is that if the rest of the roster is so proper, it can bring the QB. That is visible by way of many as for how Flacco got his ring (and the similar argument has been made for Eli Manning, even though he additionally may be stated to have obtained warm at precisely the proper time two times). But that is a rare mixture. It is a great deal greater, not unusual for a crew to get to the promised land with a truly professional and effective QB. Tom Brady is show off A in that argument. Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and Nick Foles also can be considered in that light. It takes a group and a few good education as correctly, but the modern NFL recreation rides on the shoulders and arm of the quarterback.

The reality is that there are most effective, at most, about fifteen such individuals playing the game at someone point. While Prescott has no longer yet tested, he can lead his group to the championship, his frame of labour has real promise. If he can correct his flaws, he has a genuine shot at becoming the various elite. Given that he only has three year’s revel in, there is cause to consider his great is yet to come.

While his deal is the problem to reworking, Flacco’s current agreement has 3 years closing, with an annual payout of $25.33 million. That consists of the money already paid to him, however even without that cap accounting consideration, he is nonetheless due over $21 million annually from the Broncos – and they may well sweeten the deal. There have been a variety of tries to decide just what Prescott’s ground is for his next contract, now that the team can make paintings on it in the final yr of his rookie agreement. And $25 million has been recommended because the least he can expect. Now, with Flacco’s pass to Denver, you could be sure the numbers for him might be brought up through Prescott’s agent in negotiations.

Frankly, Prescott’s body of labour thus far suggest strongly that he is really worth more. Because Flacco isn’t exact.

Why in the global would a crew change for someone with this resumé? Well, Elway is notoriously inept at QB reviews. But this additionally speaks to the desperation that comes while you don’t have a QB you agree with it. Teams discover themselves taking enormous risks and greedy at straws.

The Cowboys are not in that position, no longer via a long shot. Forget the concept of locating a higher quarterback than Prescott in the draft, as many have recommended the crew must do. Lynch become seen as the third exceptional in his class, and that naturally turned into no longer proper. Prescott changed into a superb find for Dallas. They must pay the fee required to preserve him.

The opportunity is to begin over, be returned in which they were in the long darkish seasons between Troy Aikman and Tony Romo. To be searching out brand new skills, with the genuine opportunity of failure, perhaps a couple of. Each yr, most effective a handful of capable QBs pop out of the college ranks, and sometimes, there are none. Veterans are high-priced if they have proven themselves, and you always should ask yourself, why is one in the marketplace inside the first vicinity?

While a few query Prescott, the personnel of the Cowboys realize what he is. His extension will no question contain some hard negotiating, but it’s going to take place. It might not be till after this season. However, it might be wise to get it accomplished earlier than later. The CBA is expiring after the 2020 season, and you could ensure that NFLPA goes to do their exceptional to growth the revenue cap to get a more significant piece of the developing NFL pie. They would possibly like to do away with it entirely. Still, the proprietors realize they may be not disciplined enough to no longer get into bidding wars over skills, and additionally worry the threat of a handful of groups with huge profits, like Dallas, monopolizing the free-agent market if they can spend as a great deal as they need. That argues in opposition to using the franchise tag on Dak to get thru 2020 since the rate tag would nearly really be extra afterwards.

Flacco is the end result of the call for starting quarterbacks outstripping the deliver. With Nick Foles additionally approximately to come in the marketplace, or be traded through the Philadelphia Eagles, the charge tag for one is likely to have more upward stress on it.

Give up any thoughts of something much less than a nine-determine universal quantity for Dak’s eventual settlement. He is going to get his money. And if he can continue to progress, he is going to be worth it.


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