Too influential: New rules wanted for social media systems

The relentless growth of social media structures has pushed major trade. This year, a Rubicon could be crossed as, for the first time, digital media marketing revenues are predicted to outstrip the advertising spend in conventional media. This will bring in trade ways beyond what is imagined in a slender business context.

The teeth-and-claw standards of Mark Zuckerberg will

update the noble ones John Reith advanced when he hooked up the tradition of independence and objectivity at the BBC.

How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business

Product placement — John Mills draining a longed-for cold Carlsberg in Ice Cold in Alex — has been with us for generations and has become a profit earner for the filmmakers. Social media has spawned a brand new way of attempting to steer customers. In a few cases, bloggers and “influencers” have constructed careers by suggesting that brand ‘X’ is far more advanced than logo ‘Y’ without acknowledging they’re in the pay of one brand

or the opposite. Unsurprisingly, Irish regulation does not effectively adjust this. This is every other instance where our flesh pressers lag at the back of the lives we lead.


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