How do the top free logo makers compare when tested?

The most successful companies globally are instantly recognizable by their logo. A good logo design is your chance to show customers what your business is about and will help set it apart from your competitors. Your logo will also help your customers connect their experiences with your brand.

There are several ways to create a unique logo for your new business. You can hire a skilled designer, create your own, digitize it on your computer, or use a logo maker. The first one is quite expensive, which many startups can’t afford. The second requires the use of a graphic design program. However, you don’t need money, design experience, or software with a logo maker.

Best Free Logo Maker: 17+ Tools and Apps for Logo Design

Comparison of the top free logo makers

Even if you have the inspiration and creativity to design your logo, the results are not always guaranteed to work on all the applications you need. If you compare Apple’s original logo with what they use now, you will understand why they ditched their original design.

We tested several free logo makers, and these five were the best.


Powered by Shopify, Hatchful allows you to design a logo without opening an online store. It offers 12 business categories to choose from. Other options include style variations and where you are planning to use your logo.

When we tested Hatchful, we got 100 logo suggestions but didn’t choose colors as these were predefined. We also didn’t have as much creative freedom as TRUiC or Squarespace.

On some of our suggestions, slogans were missing, but we were impressed with how much we got for free. Our package included several sizes of the logo generated for use on different platforms.

logo design with just a few clicks and found it to have the best range of customization options: this included text, graphics, icons, and symbols. There was also a huge variety of font styles, including handwritten, vintage, and minimal.

We loved the choice of color sets and variations. Once we created the logo design, we could download it for free, and we could generate more options to download. This is great if you are still unsure of which one to choose.

All the images were created in the SVG format, allowing resizing. True also allowed us to change our downloads to PNG format.


Before creating a logo with Wix, you must create a free account. After that, you must type in your brand name and a slogan (optional).

The logo maker displays several rounds of two logos at a time, and you choose the one you prefer each time. At the end of the game, Wix created several suggestions. Some we couldn’t make sense of, but no worry because we were allowed to replace them.

We were offered four download options once we had the logo design we liked. Only the first one, the JPG file 198 X 198px, was free.


We liked thowwe were invited to start creating a logo on Squarespace. We typed the company name into a virtual business car and searched for an icon. Even though the default color is black and white, we could choose any color combination and see a logo preview on a business card, t-shirt, or desktop monitor.

We couldn’t download the logo we chose without a Squarespace account. Once we decided on the logo, we could not re-edit it.


The free logo creator is a feature integrated into every Jimdo account. However, we had to sign up (nat o cost). After typing in the company name, we searched for an icon. We could tweak the style slightly and define up to two colors. We then got a mobile, desktop, and business cards preview

After that, only the first download option was free. We only got full commercial usage rights of the logo on a JPG file (600px).


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