Why video content marketing is the subsequent frontier in SEA

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Video content changed into massive in 2018. According to the new Global Internet Phenomena Report through Sandvine, video streaming accounted for nearly 58 percent of the entdownstreamt traffic worldwide.

5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs Video - Animoto

Video has also modified the state of social media. In 2016, Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn boldly predicted that Facebook “may be probable all video” within the next five years. That comment may also have raised eyebrows then. Still, nowadays, Facebook is quickly catching up to YouTube because of global users’ desired video content material platform (67 percent vs. eighty-three percent, consistent with HubSpot).

Unsurprisingly, those tendencies can also be determined in SEA.

Always-connected devices using video media in SEA

The smartphone increase in SEA is perhaps the single most significant factor driving video intake within the area. According to We Are Social’s Digital in 2018 in Southeast Asia report, cellular connectivity in SEA reached 141 percent last year and is expected to develop in 2019.

Google notes that this increase in cell tool adoption has caused a narrower gap between telephone and TV possession in nations like Malaysia and Singapore compared to the USA and the United Kingdom.


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