Watch: Jin Goo And Seo Eun Soo Are Headstrong Lawyers In Highlight Video For “Legal High”

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Legal High” is ready extraordinarily specific lawyers: a conceited, successful, and money-targeted attorney Go Tae Rim (performed by using Jin Goo) and a passionate, just, and pushed attorney Seo Jae In (played with the aid of Seo Eun Soo).

The video begins by showing off the two characters’ considerably exclusive personalities. Go, Tae Rim, who’s recognized to have a one hundred percent success charge, remarks that the courtroom is nothing however an area in which people, who all consider that they may be the just one, combat over who’s right. Believing that justice may be bought with cash, he says, “Just deliver me cash, and I will make you no longer guilty!”

However, Seo Jae In is shown to trust otherwise, pronouncing, “Isn’t the sector of law useless if justice doesn’t prevail?” However, as a rookie legal professional, her results aren’t as wonderful as her ardor for justice. After dropping the case she became in fee of concerning the “element timer homicide incident,” she goes to Go Tae Rim for help with the enchantment case. However, Go Tae Rim best agrees to take on the case for a rate of five billion received (about $four.Five million).

Eventually, after pleading for help, she makes a decision to provide Go Tae Rim fee inside the form of a reimbursement contract which include 18 years of her lawyer lifestyles. Administrator and Go Tae Rim’s butler Goo Sae Joong (played by using Lee Soon Jae), who has an impressive history with various experience from everywhere in the global, convinces Go Tae Rim to take on Seo Jae In with the aid of announcing, “It needs to be legal professional Seo Jae In.” The two continue to quarrel for the duration of the video, with Seo Jae In even cursing at Go Tae Rim by way of pronouncing, “You are evil, a cash leech, and the satan’s agent.”

Furthermore, an atypical organization of legal professionals has gathered collectively to form the B&G law firm with the reason of taking down Go Tae Rim regardless of what. The contributors consist of the success attorney Kang Ki Suk (played by Yoon Park), who turned into once Go Tae Rim’s disciple, however, is now his competitor. In the video, he says, “Wouldn’t overcome our teacher be a manner of repaying our thank you? One must defeat the fine to emerge as the exceptional.” Another member of the company is Min Joo Kyung (performed by using Chae Jung An) who is a brainy attorney that says anything she wants to her defendants and knows how to do a roundhouse kick, saying, “I used to play around a bit in the beyond.” Finally, senior lawyer Yoon Sang Goo (played through Jung Sang Hoon) is a member who’s inclined to place his life on the line.

“Legal High” will gold standard on February eight at eleven p.M. The drama may be to be had on Viki with English subtitles. Watch the whole spotlight video below!