What it’s want to be Pornhub’s social media

Managing a logo’s social media is tricky for anyone in 2019, and it’s even extra tough in case you’re the social voice (and face) of Pornhub, the internet’s maximum famous porn site. We spoke with Aria Nathaniel approximately the exceptional line she walks at the workplace each day.

Boasting a whopping 6 million fans on Instagram and 1.25 million on Twitter, Pornhub has accrued substantial attain on social media channels. By riffing on memes, developments, and modern-day events — and interacting with readers — Pornhub remains relevant and keeps to build an engaged network.

Most of that work is executed by means of one girl — Pornhub’s social media supervisor, Aria Nathaniel, who’s staying updated no longer just on what Pornhub’s doing, however at the today’s trends throughout the net.

The voice of Pornhub
Between spreading recognition of the emblem, engaging with fans, and maintaining her posts inside every structures’ phrases of service, Nathaniel has a massive process. But for all the greater behind-the-scenes demanding situations of running social media for a porn emblem, Nathaniel’s work seems handy to the common follower.

Like all social media managers, Nathaniel’s process calls for her to stay up on what is occurring online. “I attempt to latch on to mainstream trends and breaking news tales to reinforce engagement. If people are speaking approximately something nonstop, I want to insert myself into that discussion,” Nathaniel tells Mashable through e-mail. “It’s me 24/7, 365.”

“I’m constantly scouring the news and maintaining myself ‘inside the understand’ on things — sports, politics, entertainment, video games,” she says.

Like any social media manager for an emblem, Nathaniel has to comply with certain guidelines (like the aforementioned platforms’ terms of service). But because the voice of a big adult leisure platform, she has extra leeway approximately what she stocks than, say, someone walking social for telecom or an airline. “I’m afforded a completely unique possibility to pave my very own funny/witty/horny/raunchy lane and break far from all of the mundane observation that has a tendency to usually proliferate [on] branded social media,” she says.


This approach, Nathaniel says, has made Pornhub more “approachable,” adding, “People are capable of see me being silly on social media and are less inclined to think of us as strictly an adult enjoyment platform. I like giving Pornhub a personality that many humans can relate to.”

She places idea into the sort of content material to position on every platform: The Twitter account is heavy with jokes and memes, due to the fact, as Nathaniel says, “it’s in particular essential to be applicable and topical with some thing you’re posting about there.”

Because Instagram is extra visually targeted, she notes, she focuses on promoting a number of the grownup entertainers and “posting photos from numerous advertising and marketing initiatives we’re doing, whether or not or not it’s a brand new product, physical activation, or stunt.”

While a number of the content Pornhub posts can also get your coronary heart racing just a piece or isn’t something you’d need coworkers for your office catching you scrolling thru, Nathaniel says that not anything she posts violates TOS. While content has every so often been removed from Instagram, she says the ones instances typically aren’t a TOS violation but coordinated attacks by means of dissenters, “a end result of people mass reporting our account due to the fact they don’t agree with what we stand for.”

There are other social media challenges for Nathaniel, too, however, pretty, no longer the ones you might suppose.

Side-stepping Twitter’s darker corners
We all recognise that in conjunction with the great things they do, like offering a platform for marginalized voices, social media channels also can be horrible locations, filled with harassment and misogyny, making those platforms a minefield for women. One study, published in December 2018, found that women had been harassed on Twitter each 30 seconds. And you know it’s not an amazing component whilst that quantity definitely looks like it is lowballing how regularly it happens.

Nathaniel, although, says she’s simply been quite fortunate when it comes to harassment. She tells me she continues a near eye on Pornhub’s mentions so she will be able to engage with fans, and doesn’t acquire too many harassing comments. “The net, with the aid of and big, has been rather type to me/us in regards to feedback and interactions,” she says.