What the Tech: Blogger proves you could make thousands working from domestic

You’ve probably received some thousand emails through the years telling you how to “get wealthy short” by working from home. Most are scams.

However, tech reporter Jamey Tucker discovered a younger lady who has gotten rich even as best operating some hours every week.

It isn’t easy to catch up with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. She’s journeying with her husband while her weblog pays all the bills.

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“I’ve been running a blog full-time,” she stated. “I bet it’s been almost six years now.”

Michelle’s weblog, “Making Sense of Cents,” teaches readers how to pay off debt, earn extra earnings, and come up with aspect-hustles — and while she commenced, she knew much less about blogs than you do now.

“I failed to recognize what blogs were. I failed to realize you could make money blogging or whatever like that,” she stated. “Once I realized I ought to make cash blogging, I sought out all the distinctive approaches to make cash blogging. I started out reaching out to advertisers and commenced responding to their emails. I turned into income around $1,000 a month three hundred and sixty-five days after beginning my blog.”

These days, she’s making over $ 100,000 a month running from home or on a sailboat.

“Sometimes I might see paintings one hundred hours a week, different weeks zero,” she said. “Like inside the past week, I probably labored around 10 hours; the week earlier than that became possibly 0 hours.”

The earnings come from advertisers, sponsorships, and blogging guides she’s written. However, most come from associate advertising and marketing or commissions from the income of products she mentions.

“It’s plenty of paintings. It’s a business,” Michelle said. “So even if you think you’re only a tad involved, I just advise beginning one.”

And most possibly, you already got the identical gear she had when she started: a PC and a web connection.


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