Why Blogging is Still Not Dead

Every so regularly, the internet international goes loopy for a shiny new generation, and that query whether or no longer running a blog remains profitable. Here’s my take: Don’t throw in the towel on blogging just yet. Blogging remains not lifeless. Here are some motives why running a blog is still alive and kicking:
Blogs Build Authority

Writing satisfactory content on an internet site is one manner to reveal to humans that you realize what you speak to me approximately. Longform informational content, infographics, studies, and white papers published on a blog can set you apart from other businesses. A blog can also function as your writing or layout portfolio. I started my professional freelance writing by showcasing my writing via a blog.

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If you don’t have time to jot down, videos published on a weblog with video notes can do the process properly. You mustn’t submit each day, either. High-quality weblog posts posted weekly, biweekly, or maybe monthly may want to increase your authority.

Contenting Marketing Can Increase Traffic

Blogging is a form of content material advertising. Content marketing is creating one-of-a-kind content with a blog and social media posts to deliver cognizance for your business.

The incredible thing about running a blog is that writing with a search engine optimization approach can bring traffic to your website. This means that there is a greater opportunity to turn human beings into email subscribers or clients.

Search engine optimization is optimizing your content for keywords that people use so that you arise in seeking outcomes. Learn the basics of looking for key phrases for your content here.

Your weblog has to have a motive and strategic plan; otherwise, it may be a waste of time. Blog about topics people are looking for and use applicable key phrases to power greater traffic on your website. Search engines desire the most relevant and modern content, so blogging frequently and updating your posts regularly can also improve your ranking in search.

There’s Money to Be Made

Blogging can promote your essential commercial enterprise and may be a cash maker. With monetization strategies like associate marketing and display commercials, you may earn additional passive earnings from your weblog readers.

To get commenced with affiliate advertising, browse affiliate networks or go directly to the internet site of products you frequently advise to peer if the employer has an affiliate software. People who sell merchandise as an affiliate get a fee if a person purchases a product via their affiliate hyperlink.
Make certain in case you do begin selling associate products or sponsorships that you’re complying with FTC guidelines on disclosing partnerships.

Final Word

Blogging isn’t lifeless. Sure, there are new social media systems in which you can build a following; however, running a blog has its area in content material marketing. Blogging assists you in building authorit, and may bring readers to a site that isn’t getting site visitors.
The key to running a blog is shifting ahead with an approach. Who do you need to reach? What information do they want to study? How can you change readers into subscribers and clients? Get clear in your project;; running a blog can do exquisite things for your enterprise.


I have been working in the field of SEO and content marketing since 2014. I have worked with over 500 clients and more than 100 websites. I started blogging in 2012 and have now made my first steps into the world of freelancing. In my spare time, I like to read, cook or listen to music.