AdWords notes have arrived: How to get began

Google introduced notes to the brand new AdWords interface in March at SMX West this 12 months. The new function has arrived. Here’s a look at the way to get started using it.

Notes will be taken at the account, marketing campaign, and ad institution levels. Just as in Google Analytics, AdWords notes may be introduced by clicking on a factor in the overall performance chart. Click on a point in the table and click on “Add Note,” as shown below.

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That will carry up a window to add a notice. Type the observation you need to create. I’m not positive about the person’s restriction because I couldn’t hit it. Suffice it to say there may be room to get your message across. A nice touch: If you have clicked on the wrong date inside the chart, you could correct the period from this window.

When you create a word, each person will be seen as getting the right to enter the AdWords account.

Once you are aware, you’ll see a gray box under the chart marking its life. Clicking on the grey container suggests the observation and where it’s far carried out in the account and options to feature another see or to look at all the notes created within the mind.

Clicking “See all notes” creates an accessible sidebar listing the notes created within the account. You can clear out to expose history-, the campaign- and the advert group-stage notes. The date, word contents, and who created it are shown in character playing cards. From this view, you could add more magnificent notes and edit and delete current messages. Hover over a person’s notecard to get the edit and remove icons to show.

Notes are most useful to be had inside the new AdWords. The old interface’s days are numbered; it’ll be phased out for excellent later this year. Getting used to the brand new interface is an adjustment, but a long-awaited function like Notes is, in all likelihood, to assist in swaying reluctant customers to attempt to spend extra time in it.


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