Aurora, Illinois, taking pictures, at Henry Pratt Company building: what we realize

A shooter killed at least 5 humans and injured a couple of others, consisting of law enforcement officials, at the Henry Pratt Company construction in Aurora, Illinois, on Friday afternoon.

Police answered to take pictures, killing the gunman. The shooter is assumed to have been a worker fired at the Henry Pratt Company, a manufacturing warehouse.

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The story is still developing. Here’s what we understand and don’t so far.

What we know

Around 1:20 pm nearby, law enforcement officials responded to reviews of a shooting at the Henry Pratt Company construction in Aurora, Illinois, city Chief of Police Kristen Ziman stated at a press conference. They quickly responded to the capture, with 5 officials suffering gunshot accidents.
Officers engaged with the gunman and killed him.
The shooter killed as a minimum 5 different human beings, Ziman said. One other man or woman turned into injured.
A city spokesperson informed WGN-TV that the injured law enforcement officials had been stabilized.

The shooter was diagnosed as Gary Martin, believed to be an employee of the Henry Pratt Company. He was being fired on Friday, Ziman said.
Before taking pictures in Aurora, Illinois, there have been 38 mass shootings in 2019, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The organization defines mass shootings as activities wherein four or more people, except for the shooter, have been shot but not always killed in a comparable time and region.
The shooting comes sooner or later after the first anniversary of Parkland, Florida, taking pictures.
President Donald Trump tweeted in reaction to the capture.


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