How to Build an Executive/KPI Dashboard to Prove Your PPC Value

Marketers aren’t usually positive about how to show their fee and preserve their activity.

This post will help you determine what your bosses care about and how you may display PPC’s price on a dashboard.

People frequently think that what we do in PPC is either the black arts or is as simple as picking a few key phrases, advert reproduction, and focusing on. We are aware that it’s plenty more complicated than that.

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Additionally, it can frequently be tough to expose the cost of what you do to everyone inside the business enterprise.

One thing that I even have discovered working on brands like ASOS, WealthBar, and Telstra is that there are only three people you actually need to fulfill in an employer:


Your boss.
Your boss’s boss.

Making positive you are happy at work should be vital because we spend 30 percent of our life on painting.

It is a lot more difficult to ensure your boss and their boss are satisfied, but this post will assist you with that.

Here’s a way to discover your North Star, show your work’s fee, ensure your facts are correct, and communicate with everybody in the corporation.

What Is Your North Star?

If your boss arrived at your table the day after today and asked you how the commercial enterprise was doing, what might you tell them? Could you rattle off overall performance numbers for the final 60 days?

Knowing your overall internal and external performance indicates you care about the business. Every commercial enterprise ought to have a North Star, and one wide variety of each department and enterprise unit appears to make the organization more profitable with each choice.

To place it in some other manner, it’s the only variety that the whole organization rallies around to ensure everybody is pushing the enterprise within the same course.

Mel Gibson’s North Star in “Braveheart” turned into freedom for his humans. Love or hate the film, his character knew how to rally anybody collectively.

If you figure in e-commerce, you care about the average order cost (AOV) or return on advert spend (ROAS). In software-as-a-provider (SaaS), you study value according to acquisition (CPA) or lifetime cost (LTV).

If you work in any other industry, your North Star can be special. Many friends who paint for apps care approximately price according to set up (CPI) or average revenue consistent with the consumer (ARPU). The latter focuses on paying customers, not everyone who has installed the app.

Once you understand your North Star, you must put it on your Excel sheet. If we stay with e-commerce as our instance, we realize they have recognized the go-back on ad spend (ROAS) for our one achievement metric.

Finding All Your Data

Where do your boss and your boss’s boss pull their information from?

Making sure you and your manager are looking at equal numbers is prime for this being an achievement. There is nothing worse than nothing. You probably made four hundred sales the remaining month; however, your boss says it’s the simplest 375 because you had some returns and refunds not considered. Human beings pull numbers from a Google Ads account, whereas a boss pulls them from Google Analytics or records warehouse-like Domo.

If you don’t have access to the statistics warehouse, you need to invite your boss to access it. Explain that you need to help make specific; each person is talking approximately the same numbers, and we compare apples to apples.

Since we need to build a dashboard searching at ROAS, I would pull revenue numbers for the remaining calendar years and the modern-day year.

Plus, ensure you get all your advert to spend from your advert platform. If you can get your sales quantity damaged down for each advert platform, that could be an excellent manner to get extragranular with reporting.

If you’re pulling from an advert account or Google Analytics, my agency is a huge fan of using Supermetrics as our records reporting tool. Supermetrics is high-quality for pulling data from several advertising and analytic assets.

Since we want to construct a dashboard searching at ROAS, I would pull revenue numbers for the closing and contemporary calendar years.

Plus, ensure you get all your ads to spend from your advert platform. Getting your sales to range damaged down for each advert platform might be a remarkable way to get more granular with reporting.

If you’re pulling from an advert account or Google Analytics, my business enterprise is a big fan of using Supermetrics as our records reporting tool. Supermetrics is fantastic for removing statistics from several advertising and analytic resources.

Plus, Supermetrics may be set up to vehicle-update statistics daily or hourly. If you want to drag from Domo or every other facts warehouse, download it into a CSV. A CSV may be uploaded into Excel or Google Sheets.

Now that you have all your information, you want to position it together in an updated dashboard. I might stay with a weekly replacement. Though around Black Friday or a significant sale, you can want to update it daily to keep on the pinnacle of performance numbers.

The photograph above is an excellent instance of how I could lay out my statistics. There are regions you want to expose for your manager and their boss:

How is paid to do independently (paid advertising and marketing channel tab)?
How is paid doing compared to the relaxation of the business or natural site visitors (KPI Dashboard)?

Access the spreadsheet here.

Paid and organic tend to be 2 of the pinnacle 3 visitor resources for an e-commerce enterprise. They generally make feel to examine every difference. You may also want to consider why you are having a slow month or numbers are down for a month.
Paid Advertising Channel Tab

Layout your months alongside column A, accompanied by your spending and revenue for 12 months. Since we want to use ROAS as our North Star, determine your ROAS for the primary year for every month. Duplicate the technique again in your 2nd 12 months.

The subsequent three columns examine yr over yr (YOY) overall performance for spending, revenue, and ROAS between your first and 2nd year. For instance, how did January 2017 do in comparison to January 2018?

I always consist of a totals column at the cease to help yearly tune performance correctly. This allows you to observe how paid is doing on its own for the year.

How is paid to do as compared to natural? No advertising channel ought to operate in a silo. It’s exactly to peer how you are doing against the rest of the commercial enterprise.

Plus, if there’s a broad distinction in overall performance, it’s perfect for testing it with the man or woman doing organic and noticing if there are gaining knowledge of possibilities between the 2 channels. The spending under natural could come from the search engine marketing character’s earnings and advantages.

Suppose you had affiliate statistics on your dashboard. In that case, you might place spending as revenue of the man or woman dealing with your associate sales, plus how much you had to pay out to associates—basically, all the expenses of jogging the associated channel.

Since the paid advertising channel’s information should be overwhelming, I usually make a 2D tab that looks at the KPI dashboard. This tab will study 12 months over 12 months’ overall performance for the modern-day month.

This tab fast lets your bosses see how you’re doing yr-over-yr compared to the whole business. You could upload a phase below that adds why overall performance is up or down. This comes down to how specified your bosses like to get.


Figuring out what your company’s North Star is is critical. What is the only number anyone in your business enterprise rallies in the back of?

Make sure you are looking at the identical records as your bosses. Assemble the spreadsheet above and help make sure anybody is on the same web page.

One last notice: You may want to do a month-to-month electronic mail to the advertising crew. That could explain in more detail what is happeningn at the back of the numbers.

You can also say what your plans are for the subsequent month. Never be afraid to overshare your activity and have records flowing freely from your department to the organization.

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